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14 May 2008
The following in the translation of the interview gave by Lendoiro to sportpaper AS, it's a small review of the twenty years spent by Depor's president at the club. Lendoiro talks about his memories, the hardest negotiation and also about the future.

Q: Twenty years at Depor is something easy to say...
A: A lot, especially in football. The previous record at Deportivo was eight years. Twenty years in football isn't a life, it�s an eternity.

Q: Besides, you are the president with more years at Primera ...
A: Yes, who follows me, I don't know if he still in or not,  is Lopera. Precisely, he started after we won that terrible promotion series against Betis back in the year 1992.

Q: What is your secret?
A: The union between the club�s Council, the confidence in the coaches and the loyalty of the fans, people who never was against us.

Q: You don't lie, after twenty years, you only had eight coaches.
A: Yes and the major part of them worked during several years. The average is pretty good and more if we realise that Caparr�s left because he wanted to leave, either Toshack. My favourites are the two coaches that were on here for seven years: Irureta and Arsenio (Iglesias).

Q: Your worst and best sporting moment?
A: The saddest was Djukic's penalty, the elimination in the UEFA with Borussia (Dortmund) and the Champions League semi-final with Porto, for what it meant. The best always the titles, but also the 4-1 over Milan.

Q: And in the human aspect?
A: The deception was during the promotion to Primera, it seemed everybody was responsible for the goal with the exception of the board of directors. There was a system trying to deny to us the bread and the salt. I was tired of been the president of the defeats, because in the victories, everybody was winning expect myself. The biggest joy was to find a person like Valer�n. It's not normal to find a person what that human level. I'm proud of meeting him.

Q: You are famous for been a tough negotiator, which one was your hardest signing?
A: Without doubt, Bebeto. Everybody thought we have lost him, we insisted, insisted... and we did it. Everybody was saying he would play at Borussia

Q: And who is the one who escaped from between your fingers?
A: Deco was really close, but it wasn�t possible.

Q: Depor's problem is the debt, is there a future?
A: A relegation will be demolishing. It's the only thing that matters, everything else is relative. The debt is huge, but it's also a challenge.

Q: And your future?
A: If an investor arrives and he says you should leave... I don't think too much about it, but I still loving football and I enjoy a lot, although it's my work.

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