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17 Jun 2008
On Monday, Albert Lopo started his personal season as he passed the first scans in the Deporclinica. All of this in order to start the physical work on the next week. The Catalan struggled throughout the past season from hernia problems and had to go though surgery at the beginning of the month. Now it's expected he will be ready to return in one month.

Albert Lopo returned on Monday in order to pass through new scans and start his pre-season. The Catalan was operated on June 3 in order to solve once and for all the hernia problems he was suffering since the past season. The central defender spent some vacation days in Barcelona and he will return there on the weekend, on Monday he will comeback to La Coru�a in order to start the physical work.

The scans were made on Monday at the Deporcl�nica and the player talked with reporters about his evolution "I'm hopeful, because the problem was already resolved. Now it's a matter of regaining the physical condition. I still feeling pain in the wound, but the nerve was already decompressed and I'm fine."

Lopo also explained why he's starting the physical work so early "We can't left this thing stopped for so many time, we need to start working and regain the muscular mass that I have lost. I believe that I should be totally fit in one month. I can't discard the Intertoto. It will be thigh, but the hope is the last thing we can lose. We will do everything we can, but if not, we will go with calm. Right now it's not the right time to demand a lot from ourselves, we had enough in the past and I want to be at 100%. If I will be ready, I will be ready.�

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