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19 Jun 2008
It seems clear that president Lendoiro doesn't want to close any signings before to July 1st, the reason is that the main priority right now is to close the period of the budget 2007/2008. Meanwhile, Lotina awaits for his new striker and Willy searches for an exit at Nantes.

The arrival of Omar Bravo is the only confirmed new signing at Deportivo, it's expected that for the season 2008/2009 the club will try to at least incorporate a new goalkeeper and another striker. Any other entry will depend of the exits from the squad, like the case with Coloccini. However, president Lendoiro is not hurrying up the negotiations.

All appoints that the main reason for the delay is the �65 million budget for the season 2007/2008, the deadline in order to close the budget is June 30, and Lendoiro is still trying to fulfil all the points in the report presented to the shareholders during December�s meeting. It's very probable that Deportivo won't make any movement before that date, at least any transfer involving a payment.

Meanwhile, coach Miguel Angel Lotina is 'patiently' waiting for his new striker. The Basque coach is currently in Austria following the UEFA EURO 2008. On Wednesday he talked with Radio Galega and affirmed that he expects to sign a new striker in the next weeks. As it happened one day before at radio Onda Cero, he confirmed the interest of the club in Baf�timbi Gomis (22) and this time also in Dani Aquino (17). The question is if Depor is able to reach the �10 million that St-�tienne asks for Gomis or the �6 million that Real Murcia demands for Aquino.

Finally, Christian Wilhelmsson is searching for the door out at Nantes FC. The Swedish winger told to the paper 20 Minutes in the previous week that "I don't want to play at Nantes." During this week, the sporting director of the French club, Christian Lari�pe, responded to these declarations during an interview with the same paper "Deportivo should make a proposition and later we will discuss." was the affirmation made by the official.

'Willy' knows that Lotina counts with him and he has continued sending messages from Sweden's concentration in Austria, as he said to reporters before to the elimination of his squad "Deportivo wants to keep me, that's for sure, but Nantes is asking an amount that's too high. Deportivo was a big opportunity for me, I regained my self-confidence and I also learned a lot of things about tactics."

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