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24 Jun 2008
Rafael Carpacho, the spokesman of the Deportivo, told to reporters the club is not worried about the situation with Filipe Luis. Rentistias continues to ask for a bank guarantee, but Depor's officials know this option wasn�t included in the contract previously signed with the Uruguayan club, therefore the club is sure the player will join the squad after the Olympic games. Also, the latest on Lafita.

Uruguayan club Rentistias continues demanding a bank guarantee for the remaining two payments in the transfer for Filipe Luis. But the club is sure this petition can't be considered as an obligation for Deportivo. As the spokesman of the club, Rafael Carpacho, told to reporters "The contract was signed by them, in other words, we signed the contract they sent to us and that was build up by themselves, that's why we are very calmed. That's why when they sent us back the first payment, we contacted the Spanish federation and FIFA in order to clarify our position, we believe there won't be any problem."

Carpacho also assured that Deportivo already made a new payment to Rentistias after the first bank transfer was refunded. Carpacho also talked about the explanations of Rentistas and Juan Figger about their worries related to Depor's financial situation "They sent back the first payment because they don't believe in the Ley Concursal (bankruptcy law), but this is not the case of Deportivo, because we are not thinking in using this law. They say they want security and bank warranties, but during these years it must be reminded that we paid six times and there wasn't any problem, therefore we understand we won't have problems in the future and in fact, the transfer sent on June 17 hasn't been refunded, therefore we understand everything is fine."

Finally, Rafael Carpacho said that Deportivo's officials are not worried about the status of the Brazilian left-back and that in fact, they are waiting for his arrival at the beginning of July "Filipe has been ordered to be in A Coru�a on July 1st, this in order to start the pre-season with the rest of his team mates, therefore there's nothing else to say."

The club still trying to find the solution in order to keep Angel Lafita for the season 2008/2009, it seems that Depor's officials already accepted that Real Zaragoza might fulfil its �3.5 million buyout option any day after Deportivo pays the first option over the player (�2 million). Right now the strategy is to talk with Zaragoza's officials in order to meet their real intentions. What's clear is that Deportivo will make the �2 million payment in the next days -the deadline is June 30. Sportpaper Marca wrote the club will do it on Monday, while AS appointed it will be realised on this week.

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