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24 May 2008
Omar Bravo had a private conversation with Depor Sport. The Mexican striker talked before his journey to La Coru�a about the facts of his private life, his deepest thoughts, his preferences and also about his life as a kid in Sinaloa.

Q: Were you a good student?
A: Yes, I was always a constant student , always having �eights� or better notes. I studied until the sixth semester in physical education and sports. I just had to end the sixth semester and I'm thinking in continuing. What I have left is a little more than the half of the career.

Q: Do you believe that a professional career is important?
A: Yes, off course. What happens is that since my parents are teachers, they always asked me to study. I started alternating the studies with football, but it was a time when, for the issue of the constant travels, I couldn't continue.

Q: It's true that you were first a boxer and a baseball player?
A: Yes, what happens is that in the city where I come from, baseball and boxing are even more practised than football. But I always liked football.

Q: Do you ever participated in a boxing fight?
A: Yes, but as an amateur. Nothing professional. Besides, at the time I wasn't too involved because my parents never liked the issue. Therefore, I was always hiding the things and it was discovered until I reached the first division. But I practised more baseball than boxing.

Q: Are you catholic?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you go to church?
A: Yes, every Sunday.

Q: Do you like to collect anything?
A: I like stuff related to the New York Yankees, balls, hats, T-shirts... because is a team that I really like.

Q: What's the worst thing about your profession?
A: I believe that nothing. I am a privilege person because I do what I want to do.

Q: And the best?
A: It's that. I believe it's difficult to find a job in which you do what you really want to do.

Q: What profession you would never realise?
A: Referee. I don't like to be there. Just imagine to be forced to deal with the emotional states of twenty two players, plus the ones that are out of the game and the public.

Q: What would you do if you weren't a football player?
A: Like my parents, I like psychology. Besides, I like what I have studied: physical education and sports, I mean physical trainer or coach... this career has different areas, maybe someday I could dedicate my life to sporting psychology.

Q: Do you sacrificed anything in order to be a football player?
A: Yes, because my body is my business and I try to keep it in the best way in order to avoid the bankruptcy. I had to sacrifice the time I spend with my family and friends. I am not from Guadalajara, but from Sinaloa, and during my career, I can only saw my family in a few occasions. I arrived to Guadalajara when I was 17, my parents were divorced at the time, I was living with my mother.

Q: Did that fact forced you to grow faster?
A: Yes, you learn how to deal with that stuff, from been a teen to be an adult. Life puts you in several tests and you are passing those tests and learning.

Q: When did you realised that you had a future in the world of football?
A: When I took part of a championship and they offered me to play in Chivas, because from the city where I come from, it's very difficult to see them searching for players.

Q: Who is your favourite singer?
A: Alejandro Sanz since a while ago. I remember his first songs like 'Pisando Fuerte" (Stepping strongly).

Q: The last book you have read?
A: It's called "Grandeza para cada d�a" (Greatness for each day). It's a book for auto-help.

Q: Do you like to read?
A: Yes, from time to time, specially when I'm travelling.

Q: What movie you will like to see again?
A: Uff! a lot, but I always liked "The Grandfather"

Q: When was the last time that you cried?
A: It was now, when I said good bye to my all time-partners at Guadalajara. Ten years in the young teams and then on here. It's a little nostalgic.

Q: Do you consider yourself as a romantic person?
A: It could be, depending of the occasion.

Q: Jealous?
A: Not to much. I trust in my couple.

Q: Do you have a girlfriend?
A: No. Right now no.

Q: Don't you think in marriage?
A: Yes, I will like to marry, have kids and a family.

Q: Are you a good cooker?
A: No, actually I'm pretty bad. I only make some simple stuff like the breakfast. Small things.

Q: Are you shy or extroverted?
A: Very shy.

Q: Do you laugh frequently?
A: Not too much, I am more serious.

Q: Are you a fan of the video games?
A: No. I am not a fan of the video games. I don't like them.

Q: Talking about politics, do you sympathise with the left or the right?
A: I am a responsible citizen and if I have to go to vote, I do it. But the vote is secret.

Q: Are you superstitious?
A: No, I think there's a law of attraction, but I am not superstitious.

Q: Are you happy?
A: Yes, a lot. I am a privileged person.

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