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08 Jul 2008
Coach Miguel Angel Lotina talked on Tuesday about the situation at Deportivo. The Basque trainer gave a press conference at Abegondo and assured that he’s happy with his current squad. He manifested the squad is almost closed and that right now his main worries are to find a new keeper and to see the exit of some players.

Firstly, Lotina said that right now the only incorporation that he’s expecting is the arrival of a new goalkeeper ?We aren’t searching anything in particular in the market. Just to see the arrival of a keeper, for the rest I am satisfied with the squad I already have.? Lotina also talked about Depor’s recent acquisition, Z? Castro: ?He has a very good control over the ball, something I consider as important. We will work at the top with him and if he has defects, we will polish them, but I say now that I like him for his control over the ball.?

About the rumours appointing to the exit of Coloccini or Pablo Amo, the Me?aka-born trainer said that if any of these exits are confirmed, he won’t ask for a new defender ?If Pablo Amo leaves, nobody will come. And if Coloccini goes out, we’ve to see Z? Castro and the youngsters because they aren’t here to just occupy a space.?

Asked about the overbooking at the squad, Lotina said he isn’t worried because he hopes Depor’s squad will only have twenty two players for the start of la liga season ?We have offers for almost the entire squad. As example Aythami and Momo who will probably won’t even join the squad during the pre-season. I am not worried for the people we already have, because if everything is adjusted, we could end with only twenty two players at the first squad, nothing more.?

Finally, the ex Real Sociedad coach said that he’s pleased because all the players seem to be on shape at this moment of the pre-season ?This squad possess more quality and options than the one had on the past year. People are coming with a better weight than last season, although we can’t make comparisons since we aren’t talking about the same players. We have between eighty and one hundred less calories in the changing room and that’s good news. The Intertoto forced them to take care of themselves.?

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