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09 Jul 2008
The agent of Aouate is furious with Deportivo because the Galician club has refused an offer from Toulouse FC, while Mun??a said that Lotina hasn’t been honest with the role of the Uruguayan keeper for the new season. If this isn’t enough, Fabricio and Manu still don’t know where they will play on the next season.

All started on Wednesday’s morning, the agent of Dudu Aoaute, Gustavo Crmcko, talked with Depor’s website Riazor.org and expressed his incredulity because the club refused an offer coming from France �It’s incredible. We had everything settled with Toulouse, but the club said no and now we hear the coach is not counting with the player. Right now there aren’t more offers. If Dudu has to stay, he will do it, but if not, he won’t have a problem to leave.�

Crmcko also confirmed the terms in the proposition made by Toulouse FC �Yes, the offer from Toulouse was for one million euro, but the club thought it wasn’t worthy. Toulouse is a destiny that we liked. Aouate will be enchanted to go there and we had everything settled with Toulouse, we were just missing Deportivo’s decision and they said no, we can’t explain it, we don’t understand the position of the club.�

Finally, Crmcko confessed to Riazor.org that he doesn’t know what will occur with the Israeli keeper �I don’t know anything from the club, I don’t know what’s their position, if you know something about it, call me and inform me.�

And the flames risen a couple of hours later after Gustavo Mun??a gave an interview to Radio Coru?±a. The Uruguayan keeper practically accused coach Lotina of been a â€?liar’ after the Basque coach told him he would have a chance for the new campaign â€?He never told me that I wasn’t counting for this season, what he told me was that I was going to fight with another keeper for the position. I’m tired of been the one taking the hits. You can’t agree with God and the devil at the same time.â€? was the complain exclaimed by the keeper.

Later Mun??a talked with La Voz de Galicia and repeated the speech �I was shocked with the coach’s decision, it wasn’t what we talked at the end of the past season.� The Uruguayan didn’t want to described Lotina as a liar as it was previously rumoured �I don’t know if �liar’ is the right word to describe the situation, but he told me another thing. He never told me he wasn’t counting with me, just that he was wishing to sign another keeper. I was supposed to fight for the spot with another keeper, and now I found the situation is different. A lot of things are happening and nothing has been said about it. The truth is hidden and the boss is not using the breaks. Later when I say the true, they said I am problematic and the others hide themselves in order to not talk bad things about him.�

It must be reminded that Aouate and Mun??a had a fight in the middle of the past season, the Uruguayan didn’t like the declarations of the Israeli keeper about his role as substitute and he punched Aouate in the face. The incident caused a rupture inside the squad and both keepers ended sidelined, later both were readmitted by coach Lotina after the petition made by the team’s captains.

If this isn’t enough, the keepers that worked with Fabril on the last season, Fabricio Augusto and Manu, still don’t know where they are going to play during the new campaign. Both youngsters talked at Abegondo’s press room about their situation. First it was Manu �I am a Deportivo’s player and I am here for it. The club must decide where I will be. What I want is to play, if this could be done at Depor at Primera, well I will stay. I believe my stage at Fabril is over. I want to play with Depor in Primera and if not, I will go to another place where I could have minutes.� Were the words of the Asturian keeper.

Later it was Fabricio who talked about his situation �It’s always a pleasure to wear and defend Deportivo’s shirt. It will be very nice to do it during the tour in Denmark. About my future, I don’t know anything, I can just say that I am focused on here, and later we will see if I have to go out loaned or if I will stay. If I have to go, it could be a nice occasion to earn minutes and experience.� In the end, Fabricio and Manu were the keepers called for the tour in Denmark.

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