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10 Jul 2008
Once again the striking zone seems to be one of the most disputed spots at Deportivo’s squad. But Xisco is not worried with the situation. Not even with the arrival of Mista and Omar Bravo. And it’s that the Mallorcan striker reminds the situation was tougher for him on the past campaign.

Xisco talked before to the trip to Denmark. The Mallorcan striker said he is not afraid of the competition he might find at Depor for the new season ?Things were worse on the past year, time when I started the season as the last striker in the list and in the end, I was the one playing, therefore I will not surrender just because they signed two new strikers. Contrary to this, I will keep working as I did until now, this in order to search a spot at the squad, later we’ll see what happens.?

The young striker also said that he understands the club decided to sign two new strikers ?It’s logical to see them making the signings, specially after all that was talked on the past season, it’s normal to some signings for the striking zone. This is for the good of the team and is welcomed because it means competence. It’s something good for everybody because it demands more from us. We must be alert and with both eyes open.?

Xisco said that he hopes Lotina will keep using the system with five defenders implemented at the end of the past liga campaign ?In the second round things were nice for us using that system, and I agree that we should keep using the scheme because it was worthy, it gave us security and confidence and helped us to reach a good position at the end of the season. When things are fine, there’s no need to change anything.?

Finally, the ex-Fabril striker analysed the importance of the Intertoto cup ?It’s an important test, because we need to convince the coach about giving us a spot in the squad, we can’t be asleep because there are other team mates in good shape.?

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