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14 Jul 2008
Depor’s two newest incorporations, Z?© Castro and Daniel Aranzubia, were presented on Monday’s afternoon at the Riazor. Lendoiro talked in the press conference and gave details about Depor’s current operations. Meanwhile, Dudu Aouate attacked coach Miguel Angel Lotina during an interview with the Israeli media.

Z?© Castro and Daniel Aranzubia were presented by Deportivo on Monday. Both players were at the Riazor together with president Augusto C?©sar Lendoiro. Depor’s boss talked about the conditions in which Z?© Castro is arriving â€?We have a two million euro buyout option that correspond to the 50% of the player’s rights. That’s the percentage owned by Atletico. There are no buyout options for Atletico in case we fulfill ours.â€?

Also, Lendoiro assured the squad is already closed and that the priority right now are the exits from the squad �The squad for the UEFA and the Intertoto is already closed; we will only make modifications in case we suffer important exits. Right now we are more worried about the departures, but with the Intertoto ahead of us, we were more focused in the arrivals. There are a lot of players that have been followed by other clubs, and we hope to be reaching agreements as soon as possible. I calculate that three or four men will be gone at the end of the week, we are talking about transfers or loan operations.�

Although Depor’s president was saying the squad was already closed, he wanted to leave an open door to Christian Wilhelmsson �Willy isn’t discarded at all, but thinking in the upcoming games, everything is settled. If Nantes lows its pretensions, we will study the option.� Finally, Lendoiro told to reporters that Zaragoza hasn’t sent any notification about Lafita and that Malaga and Racing Santander were interested in Pablo Alvarez, but that nothing has been negotiated.

Dudu Aouate has exploded after the arrival of Daniel Aranzubia, the ex-Racing keeper talked with Israeli paper Yediot Aharonot and with channel Sport 5 and attacked Depor’s coach Lotina �Lotina has marked me. He’s obsessed and wants me to pay for what happened between me and Mun??a. But I don’t have a contract with Lotina but with Depor. I know the club and the president want me. It seems that Lotina has forgotten that I helped in order to achieve the permanence as he wants to affect my reputation. I am disappointed but I am feeling stronger.� Were the declarations made by the keeper. Aouate also confirmed that Depor already rejected an offer from Toulouse, while he affirmed that he will love to continue playing in Spain or in other case, to go to France.




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