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23 Jul 2008
Currently Deportivo is the Primera club with more keepers in its squad: five. The worst part is that two of them –Mun??a ad Aouate- don’t speak to each other after the incident of the past campaign, reason why Lotina has separated them from the rest of the squad. To make things worse, Real Zaragoza seems interested in Fabricio, youngster that should be the second choice for the new season.

One of the positions in which Deportivo presents an alarming overbooking is the goalkeeping function. Five goalies are currently working with the first squad: Dudu Aouate, Gustavo Mun??a, Manuel Fernandez Mu?±iz â€?Manu’, Fabricio Augusto and Dani Aranzubia. This last two are the alternatives that coach Lotina wants for the new season, while the other three will have to leave.

The main difficult is that Mun??a and Fabricio are â€?declared enemies’ after the incident of the past season, they don’t speak to each other and the situation only affects negatively the squad. As Depor’s goalkeeper trainer, Jos?© Sambade, explained to sportpaper AS â€?Aouate and Mun??a are carrying with a negative relation and this fact doesn’t help us to have a united group. If you aren’t Real Madrid or Barca, to have a strong union in the changing room is fundamental and that union is above everything else.â€?

That’s why Sambade says the only alternative left is to see the departure of both keepers �They are the first ones suffering with all this. They never had a friendship and it isn’t a comfortable situation, we never had problems before. If Lotina isn’t counting with them, they must demonstrate their value in other place. It doesn’t mean they are bad keepers. They are valid options for any team at Primera, it’s just they don’t fit at Depor.�

Mun??a has been linked with Nacional de Montevideo in the last days, but there isn’t any negotiation between the Uruguayan club and Deportivo. Meanwhile, Aouate has been linked with Valencia, the Israeli keeper talked with sportpaper Superdeporte and assured that Valencia is a good choice for him �I don’t know about any contact between both clubs and I can’t talk about that. It’s a matter of my agent. I can only say that I will love to play at Valencia and that I hope it will become a reality.�

The third keeper that should leave the squad is Manu. The ex-Sporting Gij??n keeper had to join Fabril on the past season in order to have minutes, now he doesn’t want to repeat the situation as he already discarded a new season with Deportivo B, reason why the only choice for him is to join a Segunda club.

This leaves Dani Aranzubia and Fabricio as the two alternatives for the season 2008/2009. Aranzubia joined the club a couple of weeks ago after a complicate season at Athletic Bilbao, right now the priority is to work with him in a mental sense, as trainer Jos?© Sambade explained to AS â€?He possess talent and has always been the big promise of Lezama –Athletic’s sporting city- but last year was tough. He started as second keeper, then he was the first choice and later disappeared after they signed a replacement coming from a Segunda club. We are worried about his mental state, but we want to recuperate him and we saw he’s coming willful. Lotina trust in him. Dani has played 180 matches at Primera, it will be crazy to think he will be overwhelmed with the pressure.â€?

To make the situation with the keepers worse, sportpaper Marca reported on Wednesday that Real Zaragoza is interested in Fabricio and that soon, Los Ma?±os will present an offer to Deportivo. However, Lotina counts with him and his exit seems difficult to occur. Meanwhile, Jos?© Sambade affirmed to AS that Deportivo must bet in the youngster â€?He faced physical problems and a strong physiological charge on the past season, that’s a strong cocktail for him. The whole year passed over the player and now he continues to grow. When a young keeper irrupts, you must take risks, as it happened before with Casillas, Vald?©s or Sergio Asenjo.â€?

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