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24 Jul 2008
Midfielder Sergio talked again about a possible renewal. The contract of the Catalan ends in June of 2009 and it seems he’s wishing to continue. Sergio also said that Deportivo must take very seriously the second-leg match in Intertoto and that he’s very please with Valer??n’s comeback.

Sergio talked after Wednesday’s training at Abegondo’s press room, he confessed to have the feeling that this won’t be his last year at Deportivo ?I’m conscious that I’m fulfilling the last year of my contract and this idea is already in my mind, although it’s only a thought, but I have to recognise that as the end is closing in, I have the sensation this won’t be my last year at Depor. Two years ago it seemed clear and now it doesn’t. It’s an uncertainty and I don’t know what’s going to happen, no matter what decision will be taken, it must be a benefit for everybody, for the club and for me. Sergio won’t be an obstacle, what if I am not content or at the top? If the club decides to talk, we will do it, but it’s not something passing through my head at this point.?

As he already did it in the past, the Catalan midfielder said that a possible renovation won’t depend on the economic subject ?I am a coherent person, because I always have both feet on the ground. I know how far I can go, the pretensions of the club and the moments in which you sign the contracts. I have been locked in the economic aspect and it’s clear, because the contract is there, but it was signed in other phase of the club, one in which it had more money. However, money won’t be a problem, I am in the last third part of my career and I know how much can I still offer, therefore is more a sporting subject than an economic issue.?

The ex-Espanyol player even mentioned that he’s thinking in a renovation for one or two more years with the option of an additional year ?You think about it when you talk with friends, we talk about the typical contract 2+1 or 1+1, but it’s just a thought, it’s not something planned yet.?

Later Sergio analysed the second-leg game in Intertoto against Bnei Sakhnin ?It’s clear we are favourites, because we made half of the way in the first-leg, but we can’t just go out thinking the game is a picnic, because this is something serious, is an Intertoto game that will give us the pass to the UEFA. If we take it as a serious thing, we won’t have a problem.?

Finally, Sergio expressed his satisfaction for having Valer??n back in the squad ?I always said he’s one of those players that make you better. I think it’s a player on the verge of extinction, a player to care, very different from all others and is a pleasure for me to play alongside him, to be able to make a combination with him, to see how he makes a pass, it’s a pleasure and a privilege to play at his side and I am delighted to see that Valer??n is being viewed. "

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