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29 Jul 2008
Depor’s squad completed the long journey to Venezuela with a delay of almost four hours. The Galician team arrived to Venezuela almost on Tuesday morning (Monday 23h45), however the group trained the same day in Ciudad Guyana, although it was only a recuperation session. The team will train again on Wednesday and on Thursday it will play its first friendly match of the tour.

The journey of Deportivo to Venezuela was more complicated than everybody was expecting, the squad was planning to arrive to Ciudad Guyana on Monday’s night at 8PM, however there were some delays with the plane that was taking Deportivo from Spain and the squad arrived until 12PM to the airport (Maiquet?­a in Caracas). A big group of fans were waiting there and the players were received with a big party that included music and a big welcome signboard.

At the airport, coach Lotina talked with reporters and commented about the trip made by the squad �All the journeys meaning to cross the Atlantic ocean give you some troubles, we were delayed by three hours, but we need to be optimistic and try to not been affected. We will play three friendly games that are very important; we can’t forgive about the physical aspect, something that’s really important for us during this pre-season.�

Later, Depor’s team and coaches traveled to Ciudad Guyana (they arrived at 1AM). This city is conformed by two populations, Puerto Ordaz and San F?©lix. Despite the team was able to rest until Tuesday’s morning, the players trained a few hours later although it was only a recuperation session that took place at Hotel Intercontinental.

In the afternoon, Deportivo trained at Centro Italo in Puerto Ordaz, it was a tactical session in which Lotina worked with the 26 men called for the trip. During Wednesday, the group will train again in the same place and on Thursday’s night -Friday’s morning in Europe- Depor will face the first friendly match at Puerto Ordaz, it will be against Minerven FC at 19:30 PM local time (02h00 of Friday in Europe)

The squad will continue to train in Puerto Ordaz on Friday, later it will travel to Caracas in order to face Maritimo Funchal on Sunday August 3, the last meeting will be against Deportivo T??chira in San Cristobal (Wednesday August 6). One day later, the squad will return to Spain.

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