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03 Aug 2008
New victory for Deportivo in Venezuela. This time, the Galician side achieved a 2-0 win over Maritimo Funchal at the Olympic stadium in Caracas. Lotina’s squad gave some flashes of its football, but it didn’t play too well in the second part. However, the squad took advantage of its chances and scored the goals, something rare to see in the past season.

Since Depor was facing a European club, Lotina was convinced this match was a serious test in order to prepare the first-leg for the UEFA cup, that’s why he presented a line-up that should be considered as the favourite one that will face HNK Hajduk Split.

As usual, Lotina used a 5-2-2-1 formation. Aranzubia was the starting keeper, the line of defenders had Manuel Pablo at the right-back position, Filipe on the left and a central line with Lopo, Adri??n L??pez â€?Piscu’ and Z?© Castro. Sergio and Juan Rodriguez played in midfield, Lafita and Valer??n were the playmakers and the lonely striker was Riki.

The actions started slowly, both teams were attacking with a few men and Deportivo was having the ball, but no clear chances were created within the first five minutes. The first approximation of the Galicians arrived at minute 4, it was a free-kick taken by Sergio. The ball was sent to the box and goalkeeper Marcos controlled the ball without problems

But things radically changed at minute 5. First Piscu committed an error and left striker Bruno Fogaza face to face against Aranzubia, but the Basque keeper stopped the action. In the counterattack, a great pass of Valer??n left Riki alone against Marcos and the Madrilenian scored the goal with a crossed shot that entered near to the right post.

After the goal, the Portuguese side started to push strongly, Maritimo’s main danger was created on the right wing with â€?Braume Manuel Abel’ Djalma and Carlos Fern??ndez as the protagonists. One of these chances ended with a cross of Z?© Gomes that Aranzubia cleared over the roof of the net (22’). Later Filipe stole a ball in the defensive zone and the counterattack ended with Riki shooting wide.

The situation was clear: Depor was defending the result and Maritimo was pushing for the equaliser, but Depor was also dangerous with the stationary game, one if this plays was a free-kick between Sergio and Filipe that nobody could push in (29’). In the counterattack of this play, Djalma was near to score with a solo effort, Aranzubia failed to content the ball and Manuel Pablo had to clear the danger inside the box.

Things changed slightly within the last fifteen minutes, Depor tried to have the ball possession and Maritimo continued insisting through the left wing. The game also became violent and several tough tackles were made, including one of Jo??o Luiz over Valer??n.

And the second goal of Depor arrived in the same way than the first one: after a dangerous play from Maritimo. Djalma made another great play on the left wing and Depor’s defence cleared the danger. In the counterattack, the ball was sent to Lafita who was fouled on the left secotr. Sergio took the free-kick and the ball was sent to the box, the ball was headed by Juan Rodriguez in the penalty spot beating Marcos by the centre. Depor wasn’t too superior to Maritimo, it’s just the Galicians capitalised their chances.

A few minutes later Depor had a new chance, once again it was Lafita who started the play on the left wing. The Aragonian winger made a nice play and passed the ball to the border of the area where Juan Rodr?­guez was alone, then the Andalusian midfielder sent a drilling shot that passed near to the left post.

The first half was entertaining, Maritimo fought hard, but Deportivo was the side that took advantage of its chances. The main danger of the Portuguese team came by the sector defended by Filipe Luis, mainly on Djalma’s boots. At Depor, Riki and Juan Rodr?­guez were the best players, while the magic of Valer??n just appeared in the first goal, the Canarian disappeared in the last part of the game, one of the reasons were the tough tackles, something that Depor did too as Juan Rodr?­guez was having a personal persecution over Djalma.

For the second half, Lotina sent Mexicans Omar Bravo and Andr?©s Guardado to the pitch, they replaced Valer??n and Lafita. And both created the following chance for Deportivo. A great run of Guardado ended with a cross to the box, and defender Jo??o Guilherme almost score an own goal when he tried to avoid the header of Bravo.

In Maritimo, striker Andre Pinto entered to the game in order to give more offensive power to his team, but it was Djalma who continued creating the more dangerous plays. At minute 58’, the Brazilian eluded several rivals before firing a shot that went over Aranzubia’s crossbar. A few minutes later, Joao Guillerme had a chance through a free-kick, but the wall went wide.

At minute 60 Lotina made a triple change: Mista, Juanan and Antonio Tom??s for Riki, Z?© Castro and Sergio. The pace of the game was slower during the second half, Guardado was one of the most active player at Depor, mainly with his runs on the left wing. At minute 64’ Omar Bravo surprised with a powerful shot that hit the crossbar and then landed in the goal line, the referee Maiker G??mez said it wasn’t goal.

Maritimo looked dangerous in the first half, but in the second part the Portuguese side was lost, especially after Djalma was replaced by Gonzalo. Therefore Deportivo’s defence spent pleasant times within the last thirty minutes. Lotina’s side was trying to move the ball in midfield and since Maritimo was having a lack of ideas up front, the game turned boring.

But Depor awoke at minute 77’, it was through a Mexican combination between Guardado and Omar Bravo. The winger ran over the left wing and sent a precise cross to the box, the ball beat keeper Marcos but Omar Bravo couldn’t head it properly when he was alone against the goal, the ball went near to the right post.

But the play also awoke Maritimo, at least slightly. At minute 80 Andr?© Pinto hit the crossbar after a pass of Miguelito, it was the clearest chance for the Portuguese team during the second half. A couple of minutes later Andr?© Pinto tried again from long distance, the ball went near to the right post. The violence witnessed on the pitch during the first half disappeared for the second part, however Andr?©s Guardado was sent off four minutes before the end, it seems for insulting the referee.

The second half was greyer than the first part, Maritimo didn’t do too much and Deportivo just administrated its advantage. In the end the Galicians achieved the second victory in the Venezuelan tour. The last game on this tour will take place on Thursday’s morning (02h30). It will be against Deportivo Tachira, the champion in the South American county. One day later, the squad will return to Spain.


Maritimo: Marcos - Fernando Cardozo, Jo??o Guilherme, Carlos Fern??ndez - Z?© Gomes, Miguelito - Jo??o Luiz, Olberdam (Marcinho 46’), Djalma (Gonzalo 68’) - Pedro Moutinho, Bruno Fogaz (Andre Pinto 46’).

Deportivo: Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Adri??n L??pez â€?Piscu’, Lopo, Z?© Castro (Juanan 60’), Filipe – Sergio (Antonio Tom??s 60’), Juan Rodr?­guez – Valer??n (Omar Bravo 46’), Lafita (Guardado 46’) – Riki (Mista 60’).

Goals: 0-1: (10’) Riki, 0-2: (39’) Juan Rodr?­guez.

Referee: Maiker G??mez. He showed yellow card to Jo??o Luiz (31’) and Juan Rodr?­guez (40’). Guardado (86’) and Marcinho (90+1’) were sent off.

Venue: Caracas Olympic stadium (7,000).

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