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07 Aug 2008
Despite the defeat against Deportivo T??chira, Lotina is pleased with the performance of his team and also with the level of the Venezuelan football. The tour was also helpful for the Basque trainer since it seems he already found a line-up for the UEFA cup. It was also a positive tour in the economic sense, because president Lendoiro has found some financial support. It was even a benefit for Fabril since Depor B might obtain reinforcements in Venezuela.

Firstly, Miguel ?ngel Lotina said that he has obtained positive conclusions for the Venezuelan tour ?We are leaving very content with the tour made in Venezuela, we were well treated and faced three rivals that were really good, therefore we have fulfilled our objectives. The level of the Venezuelan football is important and we witnessed it.?

Despite the latest defeat with Deportivo T??chira, the Basque coach said that he was pleased with the performance of the squad ?It was a shame, because it seemed the game was favourable to us, but the match escaped from our hands after that play (the third goal). We missed strength up front and we were able to achieve a comeback after the 0-2, but that play took us out from the game. It’s true the goal is a technical failure. It was an important error because the referee was the one committing the mistake, but if I am the one wrong on this, I ask for apologies.?

The coach of Deportivo T??chira, Carlos Maldonado, also talked after the match. He wanted to praise the level showed by Depor. ?First and apart form the result; it was a pleasure to face a great rival like Deportivo La Coru?a. I believe my team is managing the same measure of the past season in order to find the solidity as a team, and I think this factor was reflected with this victory.?

Deportivo obtained more than just €2 million in the tour. Because Lotina used the three friendly games in order to test the lineup that he will use in the UEFA cup series against HNK Hajduk Split. According to reports, the main tests were made during the 2-0 win over Mar?timo, because that particular starting eleven will probably be the same one that will face the first-leg against the Croatians (Aranzubia - Manuel Pablo, Piscu, Lopo, Z? Castro, Filipe - Sergio, Juan Rodr?guez - Valer??n, Lafita - Riki). Maybe the biggest doubt in the formation for the game is the alternative of playing with Guardado instead of Lafita, but this decision will be taken during the next days.

Another conclusion is that president Lendoiro is using the tour in order to obtain the financial support he never found in Spain. Actually he’s close to sign a new sponsorship deal with Mexican group Modelo, while Venezuelan entrepreneur Ricardo Gonz??lez could be bringing some money to Depor’s cause, although he appeared in Depor Sport affirming that he won’t buy the club, instead he offered financial support.

Finally, Depor not only found money and a lineup in Venezuela, it could be also meeting new players for the future. It was reported that a Venezuela youngster, Alain Baroja, is traveling to Spain with the squad in order to pass some test with Fabril. Baroja is an 18-year-old goalkeeper that played with Caracas FC’s first team and that’s currently the keeper of Venezuela’s U-20 squad. He could be a valid alternative for coach Tito Ramallo since Marcos Val?n is currently injured and since Alberto is the only available keeper at Depor’s second squad.

On Thursday’s morning, Deportivo trained in Venezuela, it was the last session before the return to Spain. The squad took a late plane to Caracas and later another one that will land in Madrid today (11h20). Later the team will take a third and final plane and will arrive to La Coru?a until this afternoon (16h55). Lotina will give a free weekend to everybody and the squad will return to train at Abegondo until Monday (10h00), day in which Depor will start to prepare the game against Hajduk Split.

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