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12 Jan 2006
The players were happy with the qualification to quarterfinals, but they also ended the game with a bit of frustration since they lost it in the last second, a fact that V?­ctor appointed. Meanwhile, Caparr??s is happy with his team and also with Arizmendi's performance. The controversy about the foul committed by Munitis against Delporte is also a topic discussed in the last hours.

Joaqu?­n Caparr??s is happy with the qualification, but specially for the fact that they eliminated one of the stronger rivals in this competition: "We should be content since we pass the test against a rival like Osasuna; this is a team with class, and it's difficult to defeat them, they don't give any ball as lost and that tell you a lot about them and their coach. It's a clear signal of the work they are doing."

The Utrera-born coach emphasised the work of his players and analysed the performance of Arizmendi: "He's a player that was out of competition for a long period of time, we have to remember that he is a 21-years-old man that has a lot of will. The boy has also the luck of been sharing the locker room with people that have a lot of experience. I must say also that we are happy with Diego Trist??n either."

Javier Arizmendi impressed with his performance and with the two ball that he sent to the post, the Madrilian striker commented about the fact of been playing with Valer??n: "It's easy to play with him, is wonderful, but I won't discover his skills right now. Valer??n is one of the best players in Spain."

V?­ctor was satisfied with the qualification to quarterfinals, but not with the final result of the match: "I don't know if the final result was fair or not, but we had to pass and we didi it. However, we are unhappy because we are a winner team, after the game the players were mad, because we don't like to lose, not even in the training."

Aldo Duscher was also satisfied with the qualification, and he also criticised the work of the referee who allowed two penalties in this match: "We passed and that's it, although the penalty that we suffered is completely shameful."

Pedro Munitis was the main protagonist of the night, but this time it wasn't for his skills over the grass, his tough challenge against Delporte was criticised by the media and the Cantabrian winger expressed his feelings about the situation: "I'm very sorry, I didn't want to hurt Delporte and in fact, I never tried to damage anyone in the past. I will try to contact him in order to desire him a quick recuperation."

In the other side, Ludovic Delporte asked for a suspension against Munitis and also remembered the hard tackle of Real Madrid's defender Roberto Carlos against his partner Valdo, action that happened a few weeks ago: "I don't know if this two fouls were circumstantial or not. The true is that I will expend three weeks out of the pitch and Valdo another month and a half. I don't know if we can do something about it, but the federation must see the video and give him a sanction."

The French player also said that he doesn't forgive Munitis for his hard challenge and he also have complains about the referee: "I don't want him to call me (Munitis). Yesterday, he wanted to phone me, but I didn't allow it. He says that his conscience is in peace? fine, but I don't want to talk with him. He said that he didn't want to hurt me? he could broke my leg! Thank God that the injury isn’t serious, you need more than that in order to kill a French. I want to see the video again, the referee only gave him a yellow card like it was the only thing to do. When we receive yellow cards they say that we're tough, but when Real Madrid, Depor or other giant club does the same nobody talks about it."

Meanwhile, Osasuna's coach Javier Aguirre was happy with the effort of his men despite of the elimination: "The result didn't matter, because the eliminatory was decide in La Coru?±a. But I'm happy with the work of my team since we never gave the match as lost." The Mexican coach also commented the decision of Rubinos Per?©z when the Madrilian referee decided to sent him off: "In this kind of matches you said a lot of thing to your players, I was talking to them and not with the referee. We must be alert with this man, I don't want him to be near to my players."

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