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22 Aug 2008
Miguel ?ngel Lotina said a couple of weeks ago that he was hoping to count with Albert Lopo as his ?extension’ on the pitch, and he truly means that. During Thursday’s training it was possible to see the Catalan having a conversation on the pitch with the coaches; the idea was to reinforce the role of the defender in the new season, something that’s more important now that Manuel Pablo is out for two months.

Albert Lopo is called to be the new leader of Deportivo and coach Lotina knows it, specially now that Coloccini is gone and that Manuel Pablo is discarded for the following two months. On Thursday’s training session it was possible to see the Catalan defender speaking with Depor’s coaches when the squad was training on the pitch (see the picture).

What Lotina wants is to see Lopo assuming the role that Coloccini had on the past campaign, the one of the leader in defence. The reporters talked with Lopo when the training session ended and the Catalan gave his opinion about the issue ?You always feel important inside a football team, I don’t know if like a leader, but at least useful and important. With the exit of Coloccini and the casualty of Manuel Pablo, I don’t know if I’m the leader, but maybe for experience I need to be more there.?

Later the ex-Espanyol defender analysed his conversation with Lotina ?What he has asked me is that I must bring things to the squad. We talked about the game of the other day and other stuff, normal things between a player and a coach. He knows what he wants for me and I know what I must give. He wants the best things for me and I’m sure this is also useful fro the team. We know each other since a while and he wants the best for me, so this conversation was to gain more confidence in order to face a year that hopefully will be good for all of us.?

Therefore Lopo will be the reference for a defensive line that will have several ?rookies’, like the case of Juanan who will be alternating the first squad with Deportivo B. The youngster talked about the leadership of Lopo ?He knows how to give advices and how to place the defensive line at every time. We, the young people, are always looking at him because he possesses experience.?

Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’ is also aware of the importance of Lopo at the squad ?Everybody must pull of this team, but maybe the experienced players are the ones with more weight.? While Filipe Luis is more convinced the responsibility is for everybody ?He’s a very important player for the squad, but we can’t put all the responsibility in just one person. We must divide it because there are other players with experience.?

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