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02 Sep 2008
The squad returned to train on Tuesday. Only fourteen players were able to work due the injuries and the departure of the international players. After the session ended, Lotina talked about the final conformation of his squad. Also Mun??a talked and expressed his unhappiness with his situation.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina attended to Abegondo’s press room and analysed the cases one by one. He started talking about Pablo Amo ?In the end Pablo is not going out, we were convinced that he was going to leave but I don’t know what happened. Las night, fifteen minutes before midnight, I talked with the president and I asked him if we had an offer for Pablo Amo, I told him he could accept it, because we were already covered, but that offer never appeared. Although Z? Castro came as the substitute of Pablo Amo, I am enchanted because he’s a great player.?

Later he talked about Diego Colotto, his recent acquisition ?We have signed Colotto, the substitute of Coloccini, and we have now a pretty squad. Diego is a good player, very similar to Fabricio. He can handle the system with two or three central defenders. Let’s see how he will respond to this league that’s stronger. He can adapt to any of the positions in defence. I can say we are really well at the back, no matter we play with two or three central defenders. Lopo is now as always, he’s the same of the past. Right now he will have to fight hard for a spot.?

The thing that caused the bigger worries was the subject of the keepers, because Depor has now five at its squad, Lotina left clear the roles in his team ?I don’t care if a player has a shirt number of not, that’s an administrative subject. As example, we all know that for me the goalkeepers are Aranzubia, Fabricio and the third keeper is the one of the B squad. I count with some players and I don’t care about the subject of the spots in la liga. We are content with Marcos (Val?n) and he’s our third keeper. Manu can’t play with Fabril for a theme of his contract and for the rules in Segunda Divisi??n B. It would be better to see the players you don’t count out of the squad, but if they stay here, it should be for something.?

Lotina continued analyzing the cases of Laure and Sebasti??n Taborda ?We said to Manu clearly: you can go out loaned, because you don’t count for the first team. He and the club made some moves, but no destiny was found. He didn’t want to go to Segunda B and there wasn’t any offer from Segunda. We are enchanted with Taborda, he’s a player with a phenomenal behaviour, last week a team from Primera phoned me and I put the hand in the fire for him. I thought the move would be completed, but in the end I don’t know what happened. I talked with him and said he was out of the list for been a foreigner, but now that he has an EU-passport, I’m sure he will find a destiny, maybe at Segunda.?

The Basque trainer also appointed that he hopes that Antonio Barrag??n will be loaned during the winter window, currently the right-back is out of the squad for a knee injury ?Before the injury, I considered that Barrag??n should go loaned in order to have minutes and improve. Tough he could be fine, he wouldn’t have minutes because I have a lot of confidence in Manuel Pablo and Laure.?

Later the Me?aka-born coach praised the level of Laure and Mista in the match against Real Madrid ?Laure was fine on Sunday, he never committed any mistake. We will insist with him after each session, at least ten minutes in order to correct how he strikes the ball. I also have to praise Mista, he still can improve.?

One of the most interesting issues analysed by Lotina was the case with Xisco, he talked about his exit and the status of Depor’s striking zone ?The agent of Xisco insinuated that he wouldn’t renew in two years, just when his contract was ending. Therefore, before leaving for free, it was better to sell him with this offer that was so good for the player and also for the club. I never thought we would need someone in order to cover his exit. I am happy with the strikers I have: Mista, Riki, Bravo and Bodipo. I already told to Bodipo that it will be hard for him, but I never told him I wasn’t counting wit him. But now that Xisco is out, he will have more chances.?

Finally, with his squad already defined, Lotina talked about the goals of Deportivo for the season 2008/2009 ?We will improve our game and also our results. If we can improve our last position in the table, the better. But I have read that the goal of Depor is a title and I ask for tranquility. I am not saying we aren’t ambitious, we will try to reach the last stages in UEFA and Copa, but I feel very daring now to be pointing a title. I'm very happy with the squad and I think we can improve what we did last year. "

After the words of Lotina, Gustavo Mun??a talked in the press room and showed his unhappiness for his situation ?This is a little surprise for everyone, it was said that things will be made in one way, but in the end it was the opposite. Let's see what happens in the upcoming days, there may be many developments. I thought that I would be without a spot. This is a situation that can’t be understood, nobody says anything to you, and nobody gives the face. I am waiting to see what's happening on these last days. There are teams that are still trying, they are interested in me.? These last words were related to the interest of some South American clubs in Mun??a.

Mun??a also had hard words for Lotina "The player can do nothing and is difficult to explain what is happening on here, in the end you are the bad guy of the film. The coach has not given me any explanation nor he is forced to do it, there are people who should give explanations to themselves. I think we should not be playing with people."

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