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06 Sep 2008
President Lendoiro analysed several issues about Deportivo during the presentation of Diego Colotto. He talked about Taborda, the squad for the UEFA cup and made a briefly analysis of the operations made on the summer. He also talked about Xisco’s departure.

First to all, Depor’s president assured that Deportivo has a good squad in order to face the season 2008/2009 "Frankly I think there is a great squad, is a team already done, with more experience and I believe it can compete on both liga and the UEFA." After these words, he reviewed the work done during the summer in terms of signings. "In a sporting sense, it’s impossible to do a better job, in regard to the departure of players, it was more or less what we expected, but we had to pay for Filipe and Lafita and to continue paying for Guardado, there are significant costs that still need to be fulfilled, so not everything is already settled."

Lendoiro also reviewed again the case of Xisco "It was an operation in which the player was betting, because in five years he will solve his life, besides if he plays more than 50 matches there, he will even earn more money. We wanted to renew his contract, but he didn’t want it, so it's an operation that’s very good for the two parts."

The most polemic issue analysed was the situation with Taborda, player that might thy to sue the club because he wasn’t inscribed in la liga �He was granted with an extension of the deadline in order to get the Spanish passport, something that arrived by surprise at the last moment, when we had already decided he wouldn’t enter into the list of 25. We feel sad that he is wishing to sue us, because we are the first ones interested in see him playing for us, because we pay to see him playing. He has the chance to play in a big league as the Brazilian. There’s no case with Taborda, the real mess is with the keepers" He also appointed that Mun??a and Aouate were inscribed in order to avoid further problems and that this situation affected Taborda.

Finally, Lendoiro confirmed that Pablo Amo doesn’t have a spot in the UEFA cup, this due the rules of the competition �We can have the same 25 men of la liga, in UEFA we can only inscribed 17 players plus four that should be formed in the youth system and that until their 23, must have three years at the club. We can’t put everybody in the list and Lotina decided that Pablo should stay out.�

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