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08 Sep 2008
Eric 2.0 is the new software implemented by Deportivo in order to control the statistics related to the players’ performance on the pitch. This new software was a suggestion of Lotina after the club worked with NAC on the previous season. Lotina and his coaching staff explained the system to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a and appointed this kind of technology was one of the reasons for the squad’s reaction on the last year.

The technology is each day more involved with the world of football. On these days is very common to see the clubs using software in order to control, analyse and make conclusions about the players’ performance during the games. The top program at the moment is Amisco, software that Liverpool’s coach Rafa Ben?­tez has described as his personal â€?secret weapon’.

Amisco is an advanced program that determinates the exact position of each player using cameras located in the stadiums. It can detect the position of each man with a velocity of 25 times per second. This is the top program used in Spain, but Deportivo can’t afford it, because it’s very expensive due the fact it needs to install several special cameras inside the stadiums.

Instead, Lotina suggested to use a program called Eric, software that fulfills his needs of information . The use of software is not a new thing at Deportivo. During Caparr??s’ era the club used cameras to determine some information about the players’ trainings, and when Lotina arrived during the past season, the club started to use a software known as NAC, program that was useful in order to extract information about the players’ performance during the matches.

For the season 2008/2009. Lotina suggested buying the version 2.0 of Eric, software that’s more advanced to the NAC since it facilitates the treatment of the images. The same Lotina explained to newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a the importance of this technology â€?It’s easy to work with this, you learn about the good passes, the shots on goal, the crosses to the box, information that in other way would be hard to get. If there’s any information calling your attention, you study it, you obtain conclusions and since that point, you program the trainings for the next week.â€?

The person that process the information is the physical trainer at the club, Eduardo Dom?­nguez, he explained how the past software (NAC) was used in order to correct some problems during the past season â€? I remember a long discussion in order to analyse the leaked goals and how we were allowing those goals at the end of he first half on the season. Later people asked why the second part in the liga campaign was so successful. Well, maybe it has to do with our work with the images.â€?

Dom?­nguez also explained that he and the rest of the coaching staff had a meeting with the club’s officials at the beginning of the season and that they requested to buy the new software (Eric) â€?We explained to the club what Eric was and they approved to hire it without any problem. It’s true we have a lot of necessities in terms of infrastructure, but there are other priorities and they are demonstrating the intention of keep improving. This new system is keeping the line. Let’s hope we will be at Deportivo for a long time, but when we will leave, we hope the successor will have the material and an instrument that will facilitate the things.â€?

The players have also accepted the technology, Sergio appoints that’s a helpful factor in order to improve �A video can’t cheat, but the idea is not to blame somebody nor to show the weakness of the people, but to improve. In this way a player is conscious about what must be improved and how he has acted at the end of one game. When you are doing the things wrongly and when they give you this data, sometimes you feel bad, but you know they tell you this in order to add and correct the things.�

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