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08 Sep 2008
Deportivo resumed the trainings on Monday after the pause of the weekend. The absentees where the international players while Pablo Amo worked apart. After the session ended, Lotina and Pablo Amo talked with reporters. Depor’s coach assured he’s thinking in keeping the line of 4 defenders for the visit to Villarreal.

The session was used in order to make several physical tests to the players. Alberto Lopo seems to be fine after the problems faced on the past week. But Pablo Amo worked apart since he's still struggling from an Achilles injury. After the session ended, coach Miguel Angel Lotina analysed the case of the Madrilenian defender ?He’s fine, in 10 or 12 days he will join the group. Today, I explained to him why I took the decision of leaving him out of the UEFA cup.?

Lotina analysed the plans for the week and the situation with Diego Colotto ?This was just the beginning, tomorrow we will start working in the specific subjects for the next game, the positions on the pitch and other stuff. It’s just the day in which we returned to work and it’s too early to make conclusions. It’s too soon for Colotto, I like to see the players with the movements very well learned and mechanized. Besides the rest of central defenders is fine. We will have plenty of games, during the weekends and in mid-week. So there’s no hurry.?

But despite it was the only the first day of work, the Basque trainer gave some hints for the upcoming game against Villarreal ?For the match against Villarreal, we will have in count the people that have stayed here, the ones that will be more fresh compared to the players that are coming after been with their national teams. We are fine, we are going there hopeful in making the things well. My idea for Sunday is to keep the line of four defenders at the back, tough I can change the system during the week. We train in order to be prepared to work with both systems. They (Villarreal) are living a bad moment but have a great squad, last year they were the runners-up.?

He also talked about Taborda and the situation with the keepers ?I am interested to see Taborda working with the group at the top, because if tomorrow there’s an empty spot in some Spanish or international teams, he must be prepared to cover it. The goalkeepers will work with the group and with Sambade, with the exception of the moment in which I am preparing the games, in that moment I will work with the ones I count. Manu and Marcos will play at Fabril until December, depending on who’s the best and on Tito’s decision. Manu has to play in order to show his skills to other teams and Marcos has to improve. They will alternate the position depending of the coach’s decision.?

Finally, Lotina talked about the rumours appointing he received a call from Newcastle United ?I received a call, but I cut the things straight from the root. I am really happy at Depor, with the club, the players and also with the fans. My intention is to stay on here until June 30.?

Later it was the turn for Pablo Amo, the central defender explained the situation of his Achilles injury "The progression of the work has being very good, except for some explosive movements, which I didn’t tolerate very well, and with the prescribed treatment given to me in Seville, a rather painful electrolysis, I am improving a lot and the idea is to join my colleagues during the next week "

Finally, Amo explained what happened with Zaragoza: "There was interest early in the summer, in July they have spoken with me, but in August everything was dissipated. My only concern was to be recovered and I've been here all these months of rehabilitation, my head has always been on here. An offer was presented and it could be beneficial for both, the club and for me, and we had to listen it. But in the end nothing was concreted, nothing to talk about it. Deportivo and Zaragoza did not reach an agreement and I did not enter."

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