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10 Sep 2008
Deportivo made during the first days of the week several physical tests to its players. The conclusion of Eduardo Dom?要guez, the physical trainer of the club, is that the group is prepared to face the three competitions. However Dom?要guez warns about the mental condition needed by the group in order to compete.

The pause in la liga has been used by Eduardo Dom?要guez to value the current physical condition of the players. During Monday and Tuesday, he divided the team in three groups and practised a series of exercises in order to measure the resistance of the players. The squad was divided in groups according to the position of the players on the pitch: defenders, midfielders and strikers.

Basically the players were running all over the pitch while the coaching staff was taking note of the times registered on the clock. And Dom?要guez expressed his satisfaction for the results obtained in these tests, as he said to reporters ?Our work consists in keeping the shape of the players. We try to see the squad reaching the month of May in a fresh way, fighting for the goals that still uncertain. Checking the data of other teams, we started two weeks before anybody else and we have like fifteen or eighteen more sessions than the rest. The squad is fine, as we wanted to be at this point of the season, maybe better than we expected for the exigency of the official games already disputed.?

However, Dom?要guez warns the squad could suffer some mental stress for been facing three competitions on this season ?Like it or not, having to face the Intertoto and the UEFA forces the footballer and he starts having mental stress. Our task will be to try to ensure this wont occur. The ?morale tiredness and the psychological fatigue are more worrying than the physical one. Therefore we must seek strategies to ensure the squad wont be saturated by the month of May. So, for example last week we accumulated sessions at the beginning and then we rested in the first three days.?

Depors physical coach also appointed that on this season, the work in the trainings will be focused taking in mind the individual status of each player ?We will try to meet the needs of every footballer. Maybe some of them will need to rest because they play more often or because they are carrying with a stronger training. And maybe others would require a more intense session.?

About the individual marks of the players during the resistance tests, Dom?要guez wasnt surprised with the marks registered by Depors men ?We already had the data of the past year. The marks are never spectacular, but its helpful in order to draw the individual evolution and the one of the whole group.? Finally, Dom?要guez talked about the current shape of Diego Colotto, the newest signing of Deportivo "Hes in good parameters. Still has the capacity to improve, but hes at the average showed by the rest. His marks arent spectacular, but neither is a low parameter in terms of physical resistance.?

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