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11 Oct 2008
Deportivo’s squad is resting during the weekend due to the World Cup qualifiers. The pause means a crucial rest for the players after the double effort done in liga and UEFA, and is especially important taking in mind that Depor will face three competitions during the next two and a half months.

Lotina’s squad is resting since Friday due to the pause in la liga, the break is used by the coaching staff in order to refresh the players and to recuperate the ones that are carrying with injuries. These are the cases of Pablo Amo (Achilles), Pablo ?lvarez (hamstring string), De Guzm??n (abductor) and Z? Castro (muscular). Other one is Riki who suffered a muscular contracture on Thursday’s training. Of all this cases it’s expected that Lotina will only have the casualty of Pablo Amo for the visit to Racing Santander.

The pause during the weekend has been also used as a test for the players that have went through surgery in the recent months. Juan Carlos Valer??n, Albert Lopo, Antonio Barrag??n, Rodolfo Bodipo and Geri Malaj, this last one from Deportivo Juvenil A, were the players that didn’t rest during the weekend, that’s because they went through several physical tests in order to determine their physical condition, and to establish the evolution after their respective operations.

But there are three players that won’t rest during the weekend: Omar Bravo, Andr?s Guardado and Dudu Aouate. These three men will play with their national teams during the next days, tough Guardado is suspended and won’t face Jamaica. De Guzm??n is not traveling wit Canada due to his injury while Equatorial Guinea is not having any international participation, reason why Bodipo is not playing any match.

The importance of the pause is that it means fresh air for a squad that was already tired after been facing la liga and the first rounds in the UEFA cup, something already noticed in players like Albert Lopo, Lafita, Pablo Alvarez and Filipe Luis. And the pause is more crucial taking in mind that Deportivo has to face seventeen games in the next two and a half months –eleven in liga, two in Copa and the four matches in the group stage of the UEFA Cup.

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