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28 Oct 2008
It was a surprise for everybody, defender Pablo Amo was operated on Tuesday’s afternoon after failing to surpass his Achilles problems with the normal physical therapy. The club informed about the operation until Tuesday’s morning, just minutes after the squad traveled to Alicante for the Copa match with Elche. Now it’s expected the Madrilenian defender will be fit to play in three months.

Central defender Pablo Amo was operated on Tuesday’s afternoon after he was unable to surpass his Achilles problems with the physical therapy previously ordered by the doctors. The injury of the Madrilenian defender is called Enthesopathy, an injury that consists of an inflammation in the region right where the Achilles attaches to the heel.

The player started to feel the problem on his left leg since the end of the past season. At the time the doctors at the club decided to treat the problem with a physical therapy, a solution that’s slower but that doesn’t present further complications. The defender hasn’t debuted yet on this liga season because he was following the instructions of the doctors, he even passed through a painful therapy with electrical discharges in order to solve the problem. A few weeks ago he started to train in a football pitch and until the past week he was normally working with the rest of the squad.

A couple of years ago, Pablo Amo was operated from a similar problem and he was forced to stay out of action for several months. In recent days it was rumoured the player might be operated since the doctors were not happy with the evolution of the injury, but the same doctors and Pablo Amo himself denied this possibility after some journalists asked about the evolution of the problem.

But everything changed in just one day. On Tuesday’s morning, just minutes after Depor traveled to Elche for Wednesday’s Copa clash, the club informed that Pablo Amo would be operated in the same day. Now it was clear that the physical therapy was not working and that the only solution left was the surgery.

Pablo Amo was operated at Hospital USP Santa Teresa in La Coru?±a and the doctor in charge was Depor’s Rafael Arriaza, the surgery lasted 70 minutes. After the intervention, Arriaza gave a press conference and explained that the player was not operated before because they were trying to avoid the usual complications of any surgery, also that the decision was taken after the player started to feel new pain during the past week. Arriaza also appointed the player should be fit to play in three months, this means that Pablo Amo will not play for the rest of this year â€?I hope he will be ready for Lotina in three months. In two months he could start to train. Right now he needs three weeks of immobilization and rest.â€? The doctor said.

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