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29 Oct 2008
Young defender Ux?o is the third player from Depor’s youth system that has been called to a Spanish national team during the present season. The other two are defender David Rochela and right winger Carlos Monje ?Chirri’. The central defender took part of a three-day concentration with Spain’s U-16 squad, act that took place in the sporting city of Las Rosas in Madrid during the past week. The youngster shared his experience with Depor Sport.

Central defender Ux?o Marcos Nores is already a ?veteran’ at Deportivo. He arrived six years ago from Vitoria and the coaches have been always pleased with his work. Actually he played so well on the past season with Deportivo Cadete A (his first year at the squad), that he was promoted on the present campaign to Deportivo Juvenil C.

His current coach is Juan Ignacio Subir??n, he described the characteristics of the player to Depor Sport ?Ux?o belongs to a generation of good players at Deportivo. He possesses the qualities to be part of a national team in Spain. This is the case of a wise central defender that’s always well placed on the pitch. He is conscious about his qualities and knows how to exploit this. It’s very difficult to surpass him during a one-to-one play. He likes to pass the ball and joins the attacks of the squad. He’s very good heading the ball.?

On the past week, Ux?o attended to the sporting city of Las Rosas in Madrid and worked during three days with national coaches Fernando Hierro, Juan Ram??n L??pez Caro and Luis Milla. The defender explained to Depor Sport what he lived during his adventure ?I went to the airport with my mother and my brother, Anto also joined me, he’s one of the coordinators at the club. I was waiting for three hours in Madrid until I met three boys wearing a suite. I asked if they were going to the national team and they responded that yes, it resulted they were from Barcelona. I stayed with them until somebody came and picked us up. ?

Later the Galician young defender explained what he found at the sporting city of Las Rosas ?The true is that it was fine, because we were also living there. There are four towers with rooms made for this kind of concentrations. The trainings weren’t too much demanding in a physical aspect, the coaches were more interested in how we were treating the ball and in how we were playing during the game. In the first day, we made several exercises and in the last one, we played a friendly game between us. I was very nervous, like everybody else, but in the end I was feeling very comfortable.?

Ux?o ended the interview saying that he would love to be called again though he doesn’t know if it will happen in the future ?The experience was good, I hope to return soon. When we were leaving, nobody said anything about a future call, they just wished good luck to all of us.?

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