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04 Nov 2008
Juan Dom?­nguez and Juancar are living positive days at Deportivo. The first player is near to sign a five-year contract with the club while the other has been followed really closely by the U-17 national coach of Venezuela. In this way the â€?new project’ of Depor continues to take shape.

Good news for the youth team in recent days. Firstly with the announcement that Juan Dom?­nguez and Deportivo agreed to sign a new contract that will link the midfielder with the club during five more years, a contract that so far only players like Hugo Garc?­a and David Rochela have signed. The most recent good news is that a striker from Juvenil C, Juancar, has been included in the plans of the U-17 Venezuelan national team, this in order to fight for a place in the next World Cup.

Some weeks ago president Lendoiro announced that midfielder Juan Dom?­nguez would sign a five-year contract with the club, it was a pleasant surprise for the fans since the Pontedeume-born player has always been appointed as one of the most promising youngsters at Depor’s youth squads. Actually, despite he is only 18, he was considered as part of Deportivo B for the present season.

However, the midfielder has only performed for 29 minutes with the B squad during the present liga campaign, this because he has been injured. Also, in order to regain his form, he has performed with Juvenil A during the last three weeks. Dom?­nguez arrived to Depor five years ago, and since then he has climbed rapidly after debuting at Cadetes.

He was interviewed by Depor Sport on the past week and talked about his feelings after knowing about his new contract �They couldn’t give me better news, because contrary to other players, I am also a Depor fan. And that taking in mind my father is a Real Madrid supporter. This is an honour for me. I know that only a few players from the youth teams are able to sign a contract like this one, so it’s an honour to know they are counting with me. I am very comfortable at Deportivo and I hope to be able to continue on here for several years.�

Juan Carlos Gonzalez �Juancar’ is a 16-year-old striker that was born in Venezuela but that has lived in Spain during the last seven years, this due to his Galician origin. For the moment he is performing with Deportivo Juvenil C in Liga Juvenil Gallega. So far Juancar has played eight games with Juvenil C and has scored one goal.

The news is that on the past week, the U-17 national coach of Venezuela, Daniel de Oliveira, arrived to La Coru?±a in order to watch the game between Juvenil C and Imperator, this because he wants to include the player in the process for the next U-17 World Cup. Oliveira commented to Depor Sport how he met the player â€?We had the references from Antonio Rodr?­guez (Anto), one of the coordinators from the youth categories at Deportivo. Also from Pedro Castro, one of the persons in charge and who took him to Deportivo. We knew he was born in Venezuela and that he has lived seven years in Spain. Besides we knew he was involved with Deportivo, an institution that works really well with the youngsters, this fact tells us he is a player with quality.â€?

After watching his performance against Imperator, Daniel de Oliveira was convinced about the skills of Juancar, as he said to Depor Sport: â€?It will be wonderful to count with him in the national team. I think he can contribute with what we want. He’s a fast and explosive player, he can be a good partner to our main reference in attack, Fernando Aristiguieta, and also with other great boy we have, Josmar Zambrano, who is pretended by Tenerife.â€? Later he explained the plans with the striker â€?We will take him in February for some friendly games, we will make it official through the national federation and Deportivo La Coru?±a, and I hope it will be a plus for us in our road to the U-17 World Cup.â€?

And Juancar is pleased with the interest coming from Venezuela, as he explained to Depor Sport �I wasn’t expecting to be an international player with Venezuela, because since I came to Spain, I was focused on the life on here. Anyway is a dream come true. For what I talked with Daniel, they are planning to call me in February for some friendly matches, though they told me the level at the squad is really high. I’m wishing to live the moment.�


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