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06 Nov 2008
Omar Bravo hasn’t scored yet during an official game with Depor, the Mexican striker is not worried for the situation, but the true is that the fans were expecting for more. Even Lotina has realised the ex-Chivas attacker is facing troubles in his adaptation process.

On August 5, Omar Bravo scored his lonely goal at Deportivo, it was through a penalty during the Venezuelan tour, more precisely during the 2-4 defeat against Deportivo Tachira. Since then, the Mexican striker has played ten official games with Depor (five in liga and five in UEFA) and has remained scoreless in all the meetings.

It was know the player would face some difficulties to be adapted to the Spanish football after spending seven years in the Mexican league, but the true is that Depor’s fans were expecting that Omar would help to improve the scoring record at Deportivo. The main problem is that he was used to perform as second striker in a squad that was always playing with two attackers, something that at Depor rarely occurs, at least with Lotina’s lineups.

For the last two official matches (Elche and Betis), the Mexican wasn’t included in the plans of the coach, and Lotina explained why he took the decision before to the match at the Luis de Lopera ?Sincerely, the problem is that I see he feels uncomfortable playing as the only reference in attack. He feels better having another striker in the formation and since in this game we will only play with one attacker, Riki, and since we will also have Bodipo, who could be adapted to the position too, well, logically I can not take everybody.?

But the same Lotina praised Bravo’s compromise with the team and promised the attacker will have chances to prove his value ?We will have games in order to see him demonstrating what he can do. This is not a warning to him. He doesn’t deserve it because he always works at the top. I’m sure he will bring other stuff from here to the end of the season.? the coach said.

During this week, Bravo talked with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a and showed his confidence in himself, as he said: ?The problem is caused by the systems, because when I have played one here, I was forced to perform with the midfielders behind me. No matter what, I think is a matter of time and adaptation. I have the hope that the lack of goals is just temporary and that it will pass soon.?

At the same time, Bravo was saying that he isn’t feeling the pressure to score the goals ?Well, it depends on the point of view and how do you see my signing: a thing for the short, mid or long term. I am conscious that I must improve my efforts in order to have continuity and regularly, something that any player wants. I am trying to be prepared in order to respond in a short term to Depor’s fans, people that have treated me really well each time I play.?


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