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10 Nov 2008
Lotina was satisfied with the final result, but at the same time the Basque trainer was appointing that his team still can improve. The players were also satisfied and were praising the level of the squad. At Espanyol, coach Marquez was saying that his team deserved a better result.

Despite that Depor is now living in a European position after the victory over Espanyol, coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was not feeling entirely satisfied with the performance of his squad ?We are fine, but we still can improve. I believe that we still have a margin in order to go up and we can’t be too confident, because no matter you are watching the standings are saying one thing, everything is really tight and we must be careful. We still can bring more, in both individual and collective levels.?

Later the Basque coach commented what occurred during the game ?We have made a very serious match, we were focused though we had big difficulties to create chances during the first half, but we replaced this with a solid defence. The second part was more equal, fact that wasn’t convenient to us because we were leading the score, but we didn’t allow the situation to push us and in the end, we have enough opportunities to sentence the game. And since we didn’t do it, the doubts remained until the end.?

Finally, Lotina talked about the personal situation of some of his players ?We are facing three competitions and we will have the chance to see all of them, Mista or Omar (Bravo), it’s just that I am content right now with Bodipo and Riki, but the season is pretty long. About Z? Castro, off course there was a risk, but he told me he was fit to play and I am not a doctor, he’s the best one to speak about his situation and I have to believe in the responsibility of the players.?

Goalkeeper Daniel Aranzubia, who achieved his sixth clean sheet in ten liga games, was praising the defensive solidity  of Depor ?It’s always important to have a clean sheet, but that was a work made by the whole team and not only by me or the defence. ?

Meanwhile Z? Castro was assuring that he was fit to play ?If I wasn’t fine, I wouldn’t be playing, because I’m sure that there are other partners with the will to do it.? About the game, the Portuguese defender was satisfied because the team is climbing positions in the table ?We must grow up, but always keeping a humble behaviour.?

Andr?s Guardado was assuring that Depor must add as soon as possible the necessary points in order to achieve the permanence  ?As soon as we add the needed points in order to avoid the problems, the better. What we pretend is to avoid the problems of the past year, and once we achieve the salvation, we could start to think in other things.?

The Mexican winger, who scored his first goal on the season, was also optimistic about the near future of the squad ?This victory is giving us the confidence in order to continue. The team is starting to feel comfortable in attack and n defence. Let’s see if now, that our attackers are starting to score the goals, we are able to conquer more.?

President Augusto Cesar Lendoiro was very happy and was even dreaming with the top places ?It was an important match, more than anyone could expect at this point of the season, because it’s helping us to be close to the big teams that still haven’t played between each other, and who knows if some of them could fell down.?

During Monday, right-back Manuel Pablo talked at Abegondo’s press room, he analysed the good moment lived by Deportivo ?We still have to face a lot. We learned from the last year and we aren’t living the same situation. Things now are working out and though we aren’t practicing an attractive game, we are achieving good results.?

Later, the Canarian analysed the situation in la liga ?The five teams at the top have started strongly compared to past occasions. The rest of teams could live streaks of two or three matches that will allow them to advance some positions or to go back, in that sense we have the advantage since we are better.?

At Espanyol, coach Bartolom? ?Tint?n’ M??rquez was considered that the result was unfair for what his team did during the second half ?The team tried and we had several approaches to the area, the problem was that we were dying at the border, we missed the magic of the last meters. The match had two different parts. In the first one, Deportivo had the initiative and they locked us at the back. It was difficult for us to go out, but we improved a lot after the break. In the second half we attacked and we did the merits to deserve a goal and a better result, but they were more effective than us.?

Central defender Nicolas Pareja was replaced during the second half after suffering an injury that could left him out of action for several weeks (knee sprain), he commented about his case: ?Tomorrow we will make new scans. We must be calmed, though is difficult. I felt a lot of pain when I jumped, but I was able to play. Later I reached a moment in which I couldn’t continue.?



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