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11 Nov 2008
Deportivo will try to secure the pass to the round of 16 and at the same time, Lotina is trying to reserve his normal starters for the liga game against Atletico. All appoints that only Sergio and Filipe will repeat their participation compared to the game with Espanyol. Something similar occurs at Elche as Claudio is only using two usual starters at the Riazor, mainly because he prefers to be focused in the Segunda competition.

This is the third occasion in which Deportivo hosts Elche C.F. at the Riazor playing for Copa Del Rey. The last time occurred in 1982, in that opportunity the Galicians defeated Los Ilicitanos with a 2-1 score. The first time was in 1966  and the victory was for Elche with the same 2-1 score. There was a fourth confrontation between these two sides in Copa, it was for the season 2004/2005, but in that occasion the series was composed by one single game that was played at the Mart?nez Valero stadium. Elche won that series as they won the match with a 1-0 score.

Another fact to have in mind is that Deportivo hasn’t been eliminated in Copa during the last 70 years after having a two or a bigger advantage in the aggregate scores. Actually it only happened once. The only occasion in which this situation occurred was on the season 1935/1936. At the time Depor was facing Sporting Gij??n in the second round of the competition, The Galician squad won the first-leg at the Riazor with a 5-1 score, but it lost the returning leg with a crushing 0-4. Sporting achieved the pass thanks to away goals rule.

Also, Depor and Elche arrive to the game living opposite moments. The Galicians are sixth in la liga and accumulate three straight wins (two in liga and one in Copa), while Elche is in the drop zone of Segunda Divisi??n (20th with 8 points). At least the squad coached by Claudio achieved its first win of the season ten days ago: 3-0 at Deportivo Alav?s.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina will release the list of called players until Wednesday’s morning, this in order to keep the tension inside the squad and to not have a relaxed group after achieving a 2-0 advantage in the first-leg. However  it is clear that he will make several rotations in order to rest his starting players, more precisely he will probably complete nine modifications compared to the team that defeated Espanyol on the last weekend. The only two man that will keep their place in the squad are left-back Filipe Luis and midfielder Serg?o.

Filipe doesn’t have a proper replacement at the squad and Lotina will not call anybody from Fabril, besides the Basque trainer prefers to rest Manuel Pablo for the upcoming game against Atl?tico, therefore Filipe is the only available choice for the left wingback position. Sergio will probably take part of the game because De Guzm??n is injured and also because Juan Rodr?guez will be rested.

Together with Manuel Pablo and Juan Rodr?guez, Lotina has decided to give some rest to  Z? Castro, Riki, Guardado and Lopo. These six players didn’t even train during Tuesday as the coach gave them a free day. Since Lotina won’t call anybody from Deportivo B, the rest of the formation will be completed with the remaining players at the first squad.

Despite the doubts about who will play and who doesn’t, the clearest zone is defence. Fabricio Agosto will be the goalkeeper after his solid performance in the first-leg match. Laure should be returning in order to take the place of Manuel Pablo at the right-back position, while Diego Colotto and Adri??n L??pez ?Piscu’ will cover the centre of the defence. It could be an exam for both players, because one of these two men will cover the casualty of Z? Castro at the Calder??n Stadium (The Portuguese can’t face Atl?tico Madrid for contractual reasons)

Other sector that seems defined is midfield, with De Guzm??n and Juan Rodr?guez already out, the only alternatives for Lotina are Sergio and Antonio Tom??s. The Catalan already missed the first-leg in Copa, while the Cantabrian is returning after surpassing an ankle sprain, precisely a problem that occurred during the warm up at Elche. The rest of the squad is a mystery, Lotina said that he’s thinking in playing with two strikers or to keep a 4-2-3-1 formation with Juan Carlos Valer??n performing as a playmaker.

No matter if Lotina chooses to play with two forwards or one, the choices are the same: Rodolfo Bodipo, Mista, and Omar Bravo. Bodipo is having chances lately has he has played the last two liga games and the first-leg in Copa, match in which he scored a goal. Precisely the Guinean attacker took the place of Mista and Bravo. The ex-Valencia doesn’t play an official game with Depor since the first-leg against Elche, while the Mexican played for the last time during the 0-3 at CSKA in Moscow.

For the winger position, all appoints that Pablo Alvarez will perform on the right and Cristian on the left. Alvarez hasn’t entered into the list of called players during the last two matchdays in liga, while Cristian played for the last time in the first-leg in Copa. The Catalan ended out of the last match against Espanyol after the death of a relative, situation that forced him to travel to Barcelona.

Pablo Alvarez was saying before the game that this could be a nice opportunity in order to gain a place in the starting eleven ?What we all want is to play. Let’s see if I have the opportunity to be on the pitch. I am fine, with a strong confidence in myself. I hope to be able to make a nice game and pass the round. We have to be motivated since the beginning. The Copa is a pretty competition. We must try to make a nice job in order to win a place in the rest of the matches.?

List of called players: Not released.

Coach Claudio Barrag??n knows that it will be very difficult to achieve a comeback in this series, that’s why he prefers to rest his starters for la liga, competition in which they face a difficult situation as the Ilicitano squad is currently in the drop zone. Actually, Elche is more worried about the visit to Sevilla Atl?tico than the confrontation against Depor. They are currently protesting because they will face Sevilla B at the Jos? Ram??n Cisneros (Sevilla’s sporting city) rather to play at the Sanchez Pizj??an stadium. Elche prefers to play at the Sanchez Pizj??an due the poor conditions of Sevilla’s sporting city.

Despite the situation, Claudio assures that his team will fight for the ?miracle’, reason why he’s planning to use two strikers in the game: Dani Mart?n and Gato Caprari. Both forwards haven’t scored yet during the present season  Caprari played in the first-leg against Depor, but in la liga he has only completed 16 minutes, while ex-Betis Dani has already played 356 minutes in Segunda Divisi??n.

Compared to the team that drew at home against Albacete during the last weekend, only left-back Ra??l Fuster will repeat his participation in the starting eleven. The rest will be composed by men that are currently substitutes in la liga. One of the novelties is that Claudio has called ?lvaro Jim?nez to the game. ?lvaro is not a member of Elche B, but of Juvenil A. On the past weekend he scored four goals against Aspe. Reason why the Valencian coach is rewarding the boy with his presence at the Riazor, though he will start on the bench. ?lvaro can perform as both, striker and left winger.

Of the starting eleven that will face Deportivo, only Ra??l Fuster and David Fuster (they aren’t relatives) have been usual participants with Elche during this liga season. Ra??l already played nine matches in Segunda (810 minutes), while David already fulfilled ten (699 minutes). A curiosity is that despite Elche needs goals in order to pass the series, among the eleven starters at the Riazor, only David Fuster and midfielder ?ngel Rodrigo Gil Torres ?Rodri’ have scored at least once during the season.

Called players (16): Willy, Jaime (goalkeepers); Zubiaurre, Ra??l Fuster, Olmo, Samuel, Amaya, ?scar Rubio (defenders); Rub?n P?rez, Rodri, Sa??l, Cobo, David Fuster (midfielders); Dani Mart?n, Gato Caprari and ?lvaro (strikers).

Deportivo: Fabricio - Laure, Colotto, Piscu, Filipe - Sergio, Antonio Tom??s - Pablo ?lvarez, Valer??n, Cristian - Bodipo.
Elche: Jaime - Oscar Rubio, Olmo, Amaya, Ra??l Fuster - Rub?n P?rez, Cobo, Rodri, David Fuster - Dani, Gato Caprari
Referee: P?rez Lasa
Kick-off: 21h00 (Riazor)


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