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13 Nov 2008
The papers weren’t impressed at all of the fourth straight victory for Deportivo on the season. Contrary to this, the journalists criticised the poor game saw at the Riazor, encounter that was described as the worst one played so far in La Coru?±a. The first goal of Omar Bravo was also emphasised by the media.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: Deportivo fulfilled the process doing just the minimal to overcome Elche for the second time. It was not a brilliant game until the last half an hour, moment in which the Blanquiazul squad scored their two goals, and gave a festive air to a tedious encounter during most of the time. With a team plagued by substitutes, Depor only showed its best football during the final minutes, with Elche already surrendered. The initial impetus of the Ilicitano squad was vanished with the pass of time, but it should be thanked the cleaned used by their players. They almost did not commit any foul though they were powerless to even score a goal, something that would give the hope of the miracle at the Riazor, which yesterday was an almost desert stadium.

Those who preferred to stay home last night rather than go to football, which were many, did not lose too much. The game didn’t shine for its plasticity. Rather, the opposite. And that taking in mind it was a night to enjoy due the result of the first-leg. Depor offered just the minimal, not too much, to assert its income and fulfill the formality. That was the goal, but the brave fans who yesterday were at the stadium would have appreciated a little more spectacle and, above all, commitment. The idleness is understandable. It is difficult to motivate yourself when the opponent is one of the weakest of Segunda. In addition, the 0-2 of the first-leg pushed the Galician team to go out with a speed less than usual. So far, nothing to reproach, although most of those who played yesterday are flesh for the bench. And they could have done more trying to convince Lotina. That was precisely what Verd?? did a fortnight ago at the Martinez Valero, and since then he has become one of the fixed players in la liga. Some partner should take note. Mista for example, very gray again during yesterday’s game.

The first half ended with no shoots on target, neither Depor nor Elche, an unambiguous sign that the show was being rather poor. It gave the impression that, just by pressing the accelerator, the Galician team could find the advantage against an honest and worker rival, but of much less quality. Lotina had to pull the ears to his players at the changing room, because after half-time, it seemed that Deportivo came out ready to go upward. A shot of Cristian at minute 49 forced Jaime to stretch and send the ball to corner. It was the first shot on goal with a minimum of intent. Riazor, very cold until then, it acknowledged with a timid applause.

However, the biggest ovation of the night came shortly after when Pablo Alvarez forced a penalty that he transformed into the first goal. The 1-0 was a relief for Depor, team that a few minutes before had to hear the first whistles of the night. The goal finalized the series, just in case it wasn’t defined before, and pulled out of the stands sincere gestures of affection toward the rival’s coach. "Claudio, Claudio, Claudio Barrag??n," they shouted. Like the old days. A pity that this Depor doesn’t looks like the team in which Claudio played. It is now more modest and aims to lower levels but, for now, has already chained four straight wins. The final part of the game had little story, although Depor had several more occasions against an Elche already surrendered. One of them was used by Omar Bravo to set the 0-2 following a good pass from Sergio. The Mexican was needing to score. Yesterday he had one chance and he took advantage of it. It was one of the news of the match. The other is that at Depor, there are also starters and substitutes. Eugenio Cobas.

La Voz de Galicia: Depor fulfills the transaction and Omar Bravo scores his first goal. Typical pre-season match, something anybody would say if this meeting had been held in mid-August. Low interest in the matter from all the people involved, starting with the public (in the stands, virtually empty, the usual ones) and then by the referees, who delayed the start of the match in five minutes. The carelessness resulted in few chances to score, but in fact it was Elche who pretended more. It tried shooting from long-distance. Then, it came the pressure and the counterattack. It knew how to steal the ball to Depor and Rub?©n P?©rez gave the first warning.

Deportivo lasted to realize that, with Verd?? and Valer??n on the pitch, the ball had to be Blanquiazul and the game for the side that could make five consecutive passes. While the men of Lotina were thinking of it, Elche had the second chance in a counterattack after the first corner-kick of Depor. Cobo squandered a three-to-one superiority as he left behind a ball in the area of Fabricio. More of the same during the second half, until defender Amaya handled the ball after a cross from Pablo Alvarez. Penalty and goal. This action released the game of the Galicians, while Elche collapsed with the qualification already sentenced during the last half an hour. What happened later was the normal thing between two teams of a different category. Omar Bravo took advantage of the flow as he debuted as scorer in an official game. The series Deportivo-Elche was a knockout round of only one single game. Pablo G??mez

AS: Omar finds the goal. There are days when everything seems to be against football. A series already sentenced, two teams full of substitutes and an empty stadium. Riazor endured last night one of the worst games of the season. Elche never believed that the feat was possible and Deportivo did just enough to get the pass to the round of 16. The second goal of the Galicians led the sign of Omar Bravo. It was necessary to wait until the month of November, but the Mexican already knows what it is to score an official goal with the jersey of Deportivo.

If anyone expected for an Elche devoted to attack or a Deportivo in the mood for sentencing, there is nothing further from the truth. The first minutes were to study the rival, as Elche would be happy with an honorable result and Deportivo was more concerned about not complicating its life. A match that remembered those pre-season friendly games that no one likes to watch. The 0-2 from the first leg neither was inviting to risk, therefore the two teams faced the Copa as a distraction rather than as a real goal. The best evidence was the fact that only three players who were starters on the last weekend (Verd??, Filipe and Raul Fuster) repeated their appearances compared to the previous game.

Deportivo lost the laziness in the second half and, without doing anything from the other world, we began to see the differences between the two teams. The goal that opened the score came from a penalty. It could not be otherwise. A cross from the right made by Pablo Alvarez found the hand of Amaya. Then the Asturian sentenced a tie that already arrived dead to the Riazor. The last half an hour served as a therapy for Omar Bravo. Lotina allowed his entry and six minutes later he scored his first official goal with Deportivo. A day of remembrance for the Mexican and of forgetfulness for the fans at the stadium. Carlos Mend?©z.


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