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17 Nov 2008
A poor game between Deportivo B and Barakaldo that was decided with a isolate and at the same time great play of Lassad and Chirri. No matter the level of both teams in the match, the important thing is that Fabril is out of relegation for the first time on the season, and it’s that Ramallo’s boys have added ten of the last twelve points in dispute.

Coach Tito Ramallo maintained his lately policy and left Iv??n Carril and Nacho Matador out of the game, while striker Hugo Garc?­a (pubalgy) and goalkeeper Marcos Val?­n (hip) were out due to injury reasons. Also, defender Sergio Benito still suspended.

Ramallo was only making one change compared to the squad that drew with Athletic B on the past weekend, it was the presence of Herbert for Chirri. With this modification, Guille was covering the right wing, Iv??n P?©rez the playmaking function and Herbert played on the left sector. Lassad Nouioui was the lonely striker.

Horrible game between two teams that faced big difficulties in order to create problems against the rival, it was difficult to see any play in which both teams were making more than three consecutive passes and the chances were scare. The motor of Fabril in midfield was David Rochela, the youngster was constantly moving the ball to the wings, but the occasions to score weren’t appearing, mainly because the rival was obstructing the game of Iv??n P?©rez and Guille.

Actually, the first opportunity was for Rochela, but his mid-distance shot went near to the post (11’)  In the other side, Barakaldo didn’t do too much in attack, the Basques were stuck in midfield. It was necessary a gift from referee Pi?±eiro Crespo in order to see Barakaldo having its first opportunity in the game. During a throw-in, attacker Juan Antonio P?©rez â€?Bolo’ was supposedly fouled by Castillo inside the box, the infraction never existed, but the penalty was called.

Midfielder Jon Solaun Akarregui came and took the chance from the penalty spot, but his strong shot hit the left post (19’). Iv??n P?©rez started to gain weight in the game as his attacks were becoming more dangerous with the pass of time. He was mainly testing with shots from mid-distance. Barakaldo had a new attempt to score at minute 38, it was a cross of Arbilla that Bolo headed first and that Rebollo couldn’t capitalise. The first half ended with Lassad lying on the ground after been hit in the head with the elbow by a rival, he was in doubt for the second half, but in the end the French attacker was fit to continue playing.

It was a boring first half in which both sides were stuck on the pitch. Depor B faced a lot of troubles in attack while Barakaldo seemed satisfied with the draw, though they had a big chance through the penalty wasted by Solaun. For the start of the second part, both coaches made changes. Ramallo replacing Momar with Dani and visiting coach Alberto Iglesias switching the positions of Rebollo (second striker) and Koldo (right winger), something that gave more depth to the squad since Bolo was now having more support in attack.

The entry of Dani also gave more impulse to the attacks from Fabril, mainly because the Betanzos-born player is more dynamic than Momar and since he was shooting from mid-distance. Therefore the second part was more active though both teams didn’t enjoy of too many clear chances to open the score.  One of the few was a long-distance shot of Iv??n P?©rez that keeper Jos?© Carlos sent to corner-kick (54’).

Four minutes later, Carlos Monje Serrano â€?Chirri’ was entering to the pitch replacing Herbert, move that would be crucial in the game. At minute 68, referee Pi?±eiro Crespo gave for free a second penalty in the game as he whistled an inexistent foul after Solaun, the same one that missed the first penalty, challenged Lassad inside the penalty area. Iv??n P?©rez threw it, but his shot to the centre was repealed by Jos?© Carlos.

Then, striker Rebollo had to leave the pitch injured and his place was taken by Carlos Alonso (77’), one minute later Ramallo made his last move allowing the entry of Aridane Santana for Iv??n P?©rez, the Canarian attacker was making his debut on the season after surpassing a knee injury that kept him out of action during the pre-season. Now Ramallo was playing with a 4-4-2 and was strongly betting in scoring a goal. At minute 83, Lassad was close to score with a strong shot that passed near the post.

And just when it seemed the game would end scoreless, Chirri showed up to score his first goal at Deportivo B. It was a play started by Lassad and that ended with Chirri eluding a rival and entering to the box by the right side to rifle an unstoppable shot to the roof of Jos?© Carlos’ goal. With the disadvantage in the scoresheet, Barakaldo pushed strongly during the final minutes and was close to equalise the action in two occasions. First with a solo-play of Arman Imaz that Manu stopped and later with a free-kick of Azparren that passed near the post.

Boring game at Abegondo between two teams that had big troubles to create chances to score a goal. Neither Depor B nor Barakaldo did enough to deserve the victory and both teams even missed a penalty. In the end the fact that defined the game was an isolate and beautiful play of Chirri. Without doubt the good news is that Rochela and the same Chirri are demonstrating that no matter their age (both are 18), they deserve a place at Depor’ second squad, same thing could be said of Dani, midfielder that has spent the last seasons loaned at other teams. Rochela is now a fixed option in defence and lately in midfield while Chirri is an important revulsive during the second halves.

Another positive thing is that Fabril continues climbing positions as it had added ten of the last twelve points in dispute, reason why they are out of the drop zone for the first time on the liga season. On the next weekend, the squad visits last place Real Valladolid B (Sunday 12h00 CET).

Deportivo B: Manu - Seoane, Castillo, Juanan, Granado - Rochela, Momar (Dani 45’) - Guille, Iv??n P?©rez (Aridane 78’), Herbert (Chirri 58’) - Lassad.
Barakaldo: Jos?© Carlos - Arbilla, Cerro, Azparren, Lombra?±a (Imaz 78’) - Koldo Garc?©s, Eneko Rubio (Joseba Garc?­a 87’), Solaun, Urrutia –Rebollo (Carlos Alonso 77’), Bolo.
Referee: Pi?±eiro Crespo. He showed yellow card to Manu, Momar; Azparren, Koldo Garc?©s, Solaun, Urrutia, Rebollo and Bolo.
Goal: 1-0: (85’) Chirri.
Venue: Abegondo (1,500)


Deportivo B 1 - Barakaldo 0

Sporting B 0 - Marino 0

Racing B 0 - Bilbao Athletic 2

Celta B 0 - Cultural Leonesa 1

Real Sociedad B - Racing Ferrol 1

Pontevedra 3 - Valladolid B 0 

Ponferradina 3 - Lugo 3

Guijuelo 2 - Ciudad Santiago 0

Sestao River 0 - Zamora 0

Real Union 3 - Lemona 1



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