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18 Nov 2008
The young right winger fulfilled his second concentration with Spain’s U-20 squad during the past week, and he returned to La Coru?±a in order to score his first goal with Deportivo B during the past game with Barakaldo, goal that meant three vital points for Fabril.

Deportivo B is living outside of the relegation zone for the first time on the season, and this is happening after young right winger Carlos Monje Serrano �Chirri’ scored the winning goal in the match against Barakaldo just five minutes before the final whistle. The Merida-born player is living his first season at Fabril and so far, he has impressed in a few matches, especially in the ones in which he entered during the second half.

Chirri is only 18, his natural place should be Deportivo Juvenil A, but coach Tito Ramallo is convinced the youngster is already prepared to perform alongside older players, that’s why he has been training with the B squad since the pre-season. The winger has also called the attention of the coaches of the U-20 national squad, and has been called twice in order to take part of the concentrations in Madrid (a routine ordered by the coaches), the last one took place on the past week.

Now he’s reaching the sky after the experience with the national team and also for his first and great goal with Depor B, conquer that has meant so much for the team, but the ex-Villarreal players prefers to keep both feet on the ground, as he said to Depor Sport after the match against Barakaldo: �I don’t want to become crazy, that’s very clear to me. I always look forward, but with prudence, that’s the most important thing.�

Later Chirri explained what Ramallo told him before entering to the pitch during the game with Barakaldo �Tito told me that I must be cold minded and that I should face my marker. And that’s what I did. Since I entered, I feel a strong support from my team mates, and that’s always helpful in order to feel more comfortable on the pitch. Besides, the rivals were really tired and that helped me a lot.�

Now the right winger looks to the future with optimism �I am really happy for been scoring, something that I was waiting to do. Besides, it was a great goal, it is helping me in order to feel more comfortable. It’s important for me. The negative streak for Fabril should be ending, that was clear. Besides, the rest of results were perfect for us. Now we must think of Valladolid B, because we must go out for the three points.�


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