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19 Nov 2008
Depor is one of the worst teams at Primera Division in terms of ball stolen against the rival, statistic that demonstrates why the team loses effectiveness when Lotina tries to use the counterattacks. For the match against Athletic Bilbao, Depor’s coach will miss the presence of Lopo and De Guzm??n, two players that have leaded this department lately.

Captain Manuel Pablo was saying after the defeat with Atletico Madrid �We didn’t match the needed level for this game and is over. We weren’t stealing the ball and when we did it, we were too far from Atletico’s area.� The words of the Canarian right-back aren’t a simple excuse, actually it exemplifies the main problem at Deportivo: the recuperation of the ball.

This is a fact that can be noticed analysing the stats in la liga. After eleven matchdays, Depor has stolen the ball in 534 opportunities, but that number is too poor since is the third worst mark at Primera Divisi??n. Only Numancia (521) and Malaga (520) present worse numbers. The situation affects the performance of Deportivo, because the fact of been stealing the ball is the base to play with counterattacks, normal instrument used by Lotina during the away games.

It also affects the squad because it puts more pressure over the defensive sector, this because the ball possession is usually for the rival. Of the eleven matches played so far in liga, Depor has only enjoyed of a better percentage of ball possession during one opportunity: the last home game against RCD Espanyol. In the rest of the games, the rival always dominated the ball.

But the problem is not new, because on the past season the Galician squad only made 1,874 recoveries during the 38 liga matches, number that left Deportivo as the penultimate team at Primera Divisi??n on this department, only surpassing Almeria (1,857) and very far from Real Madrid (2,209), the leader on this statistic.

To make things worse, on the past liga campaign the leading players on this department were Fabricio Coloccini and Julian de Guzman, the first one is already gone while the Canadian has only played four complete games on this season due to several reasons, lately for a thigh injury. On this liga campaign, the leader has been Albert Lopo with 74 recuperations, number that puts him at the 16th place in the ranking of Primera Divisi??n, but the Catalan is suspended for the upcoming game against Athletic Bilbao, meaning that Lotina’s  side will have to face Caparr??s’ team without its top two men on this job.


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