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25 Jan 2006
President Lendoiro explained his view of the incidents at Mestalla, for him the declarations made before the game heated the environment. Valencia's president, Juan Soler made some polemic comments after the match's suspension. He said that his club will do anything possible in order to avoid the closure of Mestalla and even suggested the idea that the responsibility of this situation could be a Depor's fan.

Francisco Dopico, the delegate of Deportivo for the match explained what he saw during the confusing minutes after the incident: "I really don't know what happened, I just saw the assistant laying on the grass bleeding from the head, after that the referee decided to leave and the game was suspended."

Dopico also admitted that the game could continued after the incident, but it was referee Meg?­a D??vila the one that decided the suspension of it: "We could wait for ten minutes in order to study the possibility of continuing the match, but the referee maintained his initial decision."

President Lendoiro commented the reasons that caused this incident: "It's sad to see what's happening. It could occur in any place. It isn't a good thing to start heating the environment of the games with declarations out of order. This situation started since the first leg-game: a red card that should be a yellow one and a penalty for pulling the shirt. I really don't know why things got warmed after that, You will always find some undesirable person doing this kind of stuff. I saw coins falling down to the pitch in this match."

Depor's president also said that it isn't right to heat a game with declarations that will only end in violence: "It isn't logic to see that after the first-leg ended, the declarations heating the environment started, this only generate violence. I always avoid talking before tough matches, because any word could be misunderstood."

The declarations refered to by Lendoiro were the ones of Valencia's president, Juan Soler who, prior to the match said that Depor's players will 'fly trough the air' in Mestalla. Precisely Soler said after the incidents that his club is the one that has been provoked: "The suspension of the match was a provocation to our fans, any solution would be better than the suspension. The injury of the assistant wasn't serious although shameful, but we have to remember that there is a fourth referee in order to cover this inconvenience."

Valencia's president said that he will do anything possible in order to avoid a sanction against Mestalla, the official even suggested that the person who threw the object against the referee could be a Depor's fan: "Moretti told me that the coin came from a sector in which there were people wearing white and blue shirts. I will always bet in our fans and we must leave the doubt in the air. They won't close our stadium so easily, there are precedents of other clubs and I won't allow it. First to the closure of Mestalla, other clubs must accomplish their sanctions."

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