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20 Nov 2008
Deportivo’s coach is now requesting to his players to practice a more ?physical game’. The Basque is aware of the lack of fouls and the problems to steal the ball during the matches. He is also worried because Depor is falling down each time it leaks a goal. That’s why he is requesting more spirit during the games.

?Deportivo has to play more convinced, with a different attitude, it can’t surrender just for been allowing a goal. It must steal the ball and commit more fouls, because the fouls are important and in football you must put pressure to the rival.? It seems to be an old speech of Caparr??s, coach that returns on Sunday to the Riazor, but those words were pronounced by Miguel ?ngel Lotina on Wednesday, day in which the squad resumed the trainings after two days of vacations.

And its that the Basque coach is now aware his team is falling down after been in disadvantage on the scoresheet, as he explained at Abegondo’s press room ?There are a lot of games in which we have feel down after been  0-1 down: After a goal, we have released the pressure because the team has lost confidence, and me must correct that rapidly. I am insisting with that point, because it is worrying me, it’s a problem of conviction.?

That’s why Lotina had a 15-minute conversation with the squad before to Wednesday’s training, what he wants is a better attitude over the grass ?This is a problem that the big part of the clubs have, but my biggest worry is that attitude of surrender. It is true that sometimes it is not possible, but at least you have to try, and the true is that until they score a goal against us, we are a different team, and later we are worse, there’s where I see the biggest difficulties. We need to talk about this, to explain the problem, to show videos related to this change. The squad has defects, the players know it and I have told them what I think, the stats show up this too. The squad loses the concentration and the confidence.?

Lotina was also asked about the problems of Depor in order to steal the ball, something that he admitted ?It is true, to steal the ball means to reach the goal of the rival sooner. That’s other problem we have and we are insisting with this. De Guzm??n possess the quality to steal the ball, but nobody should think we will solve this when he returns. We have to solve it individually and the goal is to see every player stealing the ball in a few more occasions.?

Another thing worrying Depor’s coach is represented by the low number of fouls committed by his team, and it’s that after eleven matchdays in liga, Depor has only committed 151 infractions, the second lowest mark at Primera Divisi??n ?The fouls are important, we are aware of it and we insist with this. We talk, we watch videos… We need to show to the players what others do. If I have a midfielder that only commits two fouls, and of the one at Atletico commits eight… well the virtue is in midfield. I guess I am guilty too, because the fact of been committing fouls is influenced by you character. Maybe I like to see them playing pretty too much and I forget about other important things, like committing a foul that’s fundamental.?


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