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22 Nov 2008
It's the newest battle between the last two coaches of Deportivo, Caparr??s and Lotina have previously collided in fourteen opportunities, more than any confrontation between any other Primera coaches. Lotina was emphasizing the concentration of the squad, while Caparr??s was doing the same with the balance between goals scored and allowed.

Miguel Angel Lotina and Joaqu?­n Caparr??s know each other really well, a few coaches at Primera Divisi??n have had so many meetings in the past, and it’s that this is the fifteenth confrontation between these two men (thirteen in liga and two in Copa del Rey). So far Lotina accumulates six wins, while Caparr??s added five, the other three matches ended in a draw.

A curiosity for the game is that Caparr??s has never won at the Riazor when he has coached the rival of Deportivo, so far he has visited La Coru?±a in five opportunities and the best result he has achieve was a 2-2 draw with Sevilla during the liga season 2004/2005. In the other four matches, the Utrera-born trainer was defeated by Depor.

Despite that Athletic is living in the drop zone, the officials of the Basque club are still trusting in Caparr??s, however latest rumours have been linked several names with the Rojiblanco squad, among them ex-Real Sociedad Raynald Denoueix. No matter the rumours and the result at the Riazor, it isn’t expected that Caparr??s could be fired after the game, the most probably thing is that Athletics’ officials will wait a couple of weeks in order to see a recovery.

Deportivo’s coach talked at Abegondo’s press room after the last training of the squad. As it could be expected, the first thing asked to Lotina was related to the presence of Caparr??s in La Coru?±a, the response was: â€?The game is Athletic-Deportivo and what matter are the players. I have a very good relationship with Caparr??s. Practically we started at the same time at Segunda, and surely he is the coach that I had met in more occasions. We are very equal in terms of age and stats, well just that I am more handsome… but for the rest, we are very equal. Maybe we see football in a different way, he likes to move himself during the games while I remain tranquil. He’s speaks on one way, and I in other, but we live thinking of football the 24 hours of the day.â€?  
The Basque trainer is worried because the absence of Lopo means to lose an important option in the aerial game â€?I can’t do anything about that. Maybe to put someone on high heels (he laughed). Centimeters are centimeters. Piscu and Z?© Castro will play and we know that Lopo wont’ play all the games. Now he is a casualty due to suspension and nothing happens. No matter we miss some centimeters, we should replace it with more attention. There’s no other solution.â€? Lotina also confessed that he hopes that Riki will be fit for the UEFA clash against Feyenoord Rotterdam.

As it happened previously to the game with Espanyol, the coach pointed out that a victory will mean an important step forward in the standings. That’s why he emphasised to his players the necessity of been focused throughout the game �We have talked with the players. We want an improvement, to see them realizing the matches last ninety minutes, for good or bad, no matter you allow a goal or not. We need to change our reaction after leaking a goal. We need to improve and I hope we will notice this little by little.�

Finally, Lotina talked about the current situation of the rival �Athletic is coming, we all know what they represent. It’s a team that hasn’t had a good start, but I think they have enough squad to not suffer too much. They are coming after a victory on the past Sunday and that will give them confidence, lately they are achieving positive results and usually, Athletic is a difficult rival.�

The Andalusian talked at Lezama (Athletics’ sporting city) before the trip to La Coru?±a. He started the press conference talking about the absence of Yeste â€?It is always painful for a coach to have a casualty, he started with the problem on Thursday, and yesterday he seemed fine at San Mam?©s. We hope he will be fine soon, we will like to have everybody available, but well… the competition has these things.â€?

About the moment of the rival, Caparr??s commented: �There are three points in dispute and we hope to move things in our favour, as we did in recent games. It will be a different game. Depor is having the continuity of the things fulfilled at the end of the past season, and it will be a tough game, because it’s a pitch where they become stronger.�

The ex-Sevilla coach also analysed the absence of Riki at Depor, he things his absence won’t be noticed by the Galician side �He is an important player, a powerful player and a person involved with the cause, but I am sure that whoever will replace him is also strong, that’s why you build up a squad, to have a guarantee on the pitch. I’m sure his replacement will be a guarantee for his coach and a danger for us.�

Athletic still searching for its first win away from home, Caparr??s thinks that the key to achieve this is to keep a balance between defence and attack �It it’s true. This season is like that as we are having problems playing outside home. We are scoring a lot of goals, but it’s also true we are allowing a lot. In the last two games, we scored five plus one at Recreativo, but what we need to do is to keep a balance between the goals scored and the goals allowed. We need to keep the intensity and if later everything is like we want, we will be fine. All is related to be making a good game. If you don’t fulfill a nice game at Primera, everything is more complicated.�

Caparr??s said he is not surprised for all the talking in La Coru?±a about his return to the city â€?I am not surprised. It also happens when I go to Sevilla and Huelva. We, the trainers, are always in the spotlight. And I am not surprised.â€? About Lafita, the Andalusian said: â€?He is growing and has more confidence, I am not surprised about his level. We were following him at the club as it happened with other players.â€? Finally, Caparr??s said that he doesn’t expect a special mark over Llorente.


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