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26 Jan 2006
It was announced that the second-leg match in copa del rey will restart in the same minute in which was previously suspended. This time it should be played behind close doors in Mestalla; however, Depor's authorities announced that they will appeal the decision since it's only affecting Deportivo.

The mess started when a coin hit the head of the linesman Egido Rozas. A situation that ended in the suspension of the second-leg match between Deportivo and Valencia. Referee Meg?a D??vila thought that there weren't enough guaranties in order to continue the confrontation that at that time was tied 1-1. He abandoned the pitch just after David Villa scored the goal for Valencia at minute 44th.

Alfredo Fl??rez, president of the Competition Committee announced the resolution of the Spanish federation (RFEF): ?The game must continue since the minute 44 and it should be played behind closed doors at the Mestalla. The date of the game must be established between the clubs involved in this situation. Deportivo and Valencia have 24 hours in order to reach an agreement about the hour and the date.?

Fl??rez also said that a further punishment against Mestalla and Valencia will be studied in the weekly reunion that the committee has normally on Tuesdays. The only people who could attend to the conclusion of the game will be the delegates and the technical staff of both clubs and all the reporters with accreditation.

Deportivo and Valencia had 24 hours in order to decide in which date the game would be played. But Depor's authorities decided to appeal the decision since is only affecting the Galician club, a fact that coach Joaqu?n Caparr??s explained yesterday: "Depor is the one who has to travel to Valencia and make a physical effort, we also have to play in a stadium in which Valencia is used to train and that's a benefit for them, besides it isn't the same to play with 10 men during 90 minutes than doing it during 45."

The Sevillan coach also appointed that in other cases the resolution punished the home side and not the visitor: "I believe that the justice didn't make their work this time. In other cases like this one, the European authorities punished the infractor side with the loss of the match. Maybe I'm thinking in something that's illegal, but I don't want to be the only one harmed with this decision."

Another one that agrees with this comments is defender Juanma, he said that this situation is only affecting Deportivo: "We are the only ones that will suffer for this. I don't think that this is a fair decision since now we will have to return to Valencia and play with a new strategy. Despite that Valencia equalised the eliminatory, they were tired and now they will be refreshed."

For Juanma the sanction should be more severe: "It seems that nobody will take a serious decision until something more tragic happens. I believe that against this situations stronger measures are needed. We saw things like this in Europe and the authorities took other decisions. We can't wait until something more serious happens in order to take more drastic solutions."

Meanwhile, Rub?n Baraja said that Valencia is the only team affected with this decision: "It will affect us since the match will be played with the doors locked, but we must accept the decision. I'm embarrassed for what has happened and I think that the closure of Mestalla shouldn't occur since this kind of things don't happen in our stadium. We have to keep in mind the history of the club, the fans and that our stadium never had problems like this before." The midfielder also called for patience to their fans: "Deportivo wants to be in the semifinals and we too, for that reason I ask for the support and the calmness of our fans. We can't lose our minds because this is only football."

In this war of declarations and reactions nothing seems to be secure, for the moment Deportivo's lawyers decided to appeal  the decision made by the RFEF Competition Committee. They are planning to present the motion to the Spanish Sporting Discipline Committee (CEDD), this is the most high instance that can be reached, the same one that invalidated the sanction against Gurpegui for his doping case some years ago and that also canceled the closure of Camp Nou. What Depor wants is to pass the eliminatory without playing the rest of the second-leg match.

Meanwhile, Valencia's website published a note saying that they accept the determination of the RFEF Competition Committee, the note also says that coach Quique S??nchez Flores shouldn't be appointed as one of the responsibles for this incidents. The Spanish media criticised him for his tough declarations claming that the game with Depor will be 'harsh' and 'rude'.

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