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02 Dec 2008
So far Deportivo has disputed twenty three games on the campaign (13 in liga, 2 in Copa and 8 in Europe), and the Galician side has achieved fourteen clean sheets on those games. That means an impressive 60% of the total. Without doubt a key factor that explains the good moment lived by Depor.

The scoring problems have continued affecting Deportivo during the last seasons, and the present campaign isn’t an exception. In la liga Depor only accumulates 14 goals after 13 matchdays, that’s the worst mark between the first eleven places at Primera Divisi??n. Therefore the solid moment lived by Depor should be explained by the defensive solidity, factor that has helped to achieve fourteen clean sheets within twenty three official games played on the season.

It means that Depor has not allowed a goal in 60% of the games disputed on the 2008/2009 campaign, an impressive statistic that can only be compared to the one of the season 1993/1994, at the time Depor broke all the records allowing just 18 goals in 38 matches in liga (Songo’o won the Zamora trophy) and achieving the impressive number of 29 clean sheets in 46 official matches (38 in liga, 2 in Copa and 6 in UEFA). That meant that Depor ended that season without leaking a goal in 63% of the total number of official games.

Daniel Aranzubia, Basque keeper that arrived during the summer, has been praised in the papers due to this matter, however he was saying that this is a virtue achieved  by the whole squad ?To not leak a goal is not a matter of a single player, neither two nor three, but of everybody. In the end the whole squad is who defends and attacks.? He said during a recent interview with newspaper La Opini??n Coru?a.

However, a curious situation occurs when Depor allows a goal during a match: Depor usually ends losing the game and usually leaks more than one goal. And it’s that Deportivo has lost seven of the nine official games in which has allowed a goal, while it has suffered four defeats with a big score on the season: 2-4 Vs Valencia, 0-3 Vs Sporting Gij??n, 1-4 Vs Atletico Madrid and 0-3 Vs CSKA Moscow.  

Captain Manuel Pablo was trying to explain this behaviour ?Sometimes, when they score a goal against us, we end allowing more. If you leak a goal and you are losing, you must face more risks and therefore there are more open spaces and lack of control at the moment of been attacking and defending.? It is something that Aranzubia appoints as the homework for Deportivo ?This is one of the facts that we need to improve. We can lose a match, but we need to reach the ninety minute mark with options of at least reaching the equaliser. We have played several second halves in which the games were already lost.?

Depor’s fourteen clean sheets on the season:


0-0 Vs Mallorca

0-0 At Osasuna

1-0 Vs Numancia

0-0 at Racing

3-0 at Betis

1-0 Vs Espanyol

1-0 at Almeria


2-0 at Elche

2-0 Vs Elche


1-0 Vs Bnei Shaknin

0-0 Vs Hajduk Split

2-0 at Hajduk Split

2-0 Vs Brann Bergen

3-0 Vs Feyenoord


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