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03 Dec 2008
Filipe Luis Kasmirski is a fixed choice in the lineups of Lotina, he barely loses a match since Lotina trust in him and since there’s no other left-back at the squad. The Brazilian defender talked with newspaper La Voz about his Polish origin and his choices to play for Brazil’s national team.

Q: A year and a half ago, a lot was talked about the interest of Poland related to offer to you the left-back position at their national team, this knowing the origin of your great-grandfather. But it seems that it didn’t work, why?
A: A lot was talked then, especially there. But we had some problems: in one hand, I have double nationality (Italian) and besides, my interest was to play for Brazil. If I had debuted with Poland, then I wouldn’t be able to do it.

Q: Are you repent of not accepting the offer or do you see yourself prepared to take the spot at Brazil’s national squad?
A: I really think I can play with Brazil. I truly believe on it. After the offer from Poland, I was picked by the U-21 squad of my country, therefore I can not choose to play for any other national team. But if I can, I wouldn’t regret about that decision. If it isn’t with them, I don’t want to play with anybody else.

Q: Your progression at Deportivo is evident, but do you believe it is enough to make a debut with the absolute team?.
A: I think that if it were for justice, maybe I would have a hole in the list of called players. But as things stand, at the moment I see very complicated to receive the call. Marcelo is the starter and it is difficult to remove him from there.

Q: Although you don’t play for their team, it seems that the interest of the Poles has not disappeared. Is to play in Poznan a special thing for you?
A: Yes it is a very special trip, because I'm going to be the only living member of my family to visit Poland. At least those I know, because there are many holes in my family tree. Polish journalists have called me and I say that I am very interested to know somebody who knows of my ancestors from there, someone who shares my surname. Especially by my grandfather, who speaks Polish and would be delighted.

Q: The visit to the land of your ancestors is coming when you are living your best moment.
A: It is a very nice moment, yes. The coach is relying a lot on me, because I'm the only one who plays specifically in that position, and that helps me to improve.


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