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05 Dec 2008
Lotina and the players were satisfied with the draw and they described the result as a positive one. They also emphasised the fact that now the pass to the next round is at their hands. Meanwhile, Lech’s Smuda was feeling disappointed because his team wasn’t able to win the game.

Despite Depor only conquered a draw, coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was feeling satisfied for the game practices by his team ?The draw is good because we know that to win a European game outside home is very complicated. The match was favourable since the beginning, but we also allowed too many counterattacks to Lech. But in a general sense, I am satisfied.?

Later, the Basque coach was praising the game of Lech ?They are a team that we must have in mind. They have some stuff, they have good players in midfield and knew how to reach the area. They are the first place in their league and we can’t despise them though the level is different in Poland. It’s a team that leaves open spaces and we had opportunities that we couldn’t capitalise. They created troubles to us due to the counterattacks and their strategy.?

About the last match in the group, the one against Nancy, Lotina was saying that Deportivo will go out searching for the victory ?We must win, same thing if we have lost this match. The draw does not change anything. If we can pass as the second place in the group, good. But what we need to do is to win at home and nothing else is worthy. We are playing for our pride and people must know that. We are Depor and we must demonstrate this.?

Joan Verd?? also appointed that the draw was good and is positive about the game against Nancy ?It was good to score a goal so soon, because we played a good first half. But when they drew we didn’t find the way to play well, that’s why a point is fine, and the final result is good. Without doing a good game, we had our chances. The true is that they didn’t allow us to have a good game. We still have good chances of advancing since we play in A Coru?a, it is going to be a pretty game to play.?

Daniel Aranzubia was also feeling positive about the pass to the next round ?We depend on ourselves and we must think of it. We need to be optimistic. The first goal came very quickly and it was normal to see they were growing, because they were playing at home. They tighten the things during the second part. ?

Canarian Juan Carlos Valer??nwas talking about the difficulty of been playing outside home ?You face troubles, there’s a change in the pace, they go up and they are all over us. It is difficult to play well when you go out of Spain and you face a different type of football. It is also complicated and difficult in a day like this, with this cold, something that was noticed.?

Diego Colotto scored again in the UEFA Cup, the Argentine central defender was commenting the play of the goal ?Andr?s took the corner, I shouted Lopo and he left the ball pass, since they were marking by zone, they didn’t come for me. I kicked the ball and the keeper failed because of the state of the ground. I like to play, to have minutes and score the goals, like everybody else. The point is positive because we depend on ourselves.?  

Later the ex-Atlas was saying that the draw was a fair result for how the things occurred on the pitch ?Both team were really equal. We score our goal very quickly and then we managed the first half, but things got complicated in the end. Later we were equal again in the second part, and for how things happened during the ninety minutes, the result was fair.?

At Lech, coach Franciszek Smuda was feeling sorry because his team wasn’t able to conquer a victory ?We needed luck in order to win the game and we missed it. The coaching staff and the public wanted to win the game and survive in this competition. The foreign teams are able to capitalise our errors, but we aren’t able to do the same with their mistakes. Technically, Deportivo is very good and has plenty experience in Europe.  It’s a tough rival to beat. Besides, if they score first, it is complicate to surpass them, though against us they were lucky.?

Hernan Rengifo, the scorer of the goal for Lech, was also feeling sorry because they weren’t able to capitalise their chances ?We've given all of ourselves in this match and we demonstrated to be good professionals. We’ve created a lot of situations, but sometimes it happens that the ball does not want to enter. Too bad, because we could have won this match.. I have had the opportunity at minute 80, but I was already a bit tired.?



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