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27 Jan 2006
The Spanish federation determined that the second-leg game between Valencia and Deportivo must be played behind close doors this Wednesday in Mestalla; however, Deportivo's officials believes that the match shouldn't be played and in the worst the case, it must be restarted in a neutral stadium.

On Friday morning the Spanish Federation (RFEF) determined that the 46 minutes left in the game Valencia-Deportivo must be restarted on February 1st at the Mestalla. The date of this match should be established in an agreement between both clubs, but since Depor didn't want to do it the RFEF took that decision. The game would be played behind close doors and both squads could use any player available at the moment of the suspension.

The only condition is that Valencia must start with ten men since Marchena saw a red card during the game, his punch in the face of Arizmendi will also cost him a suspension of three games, a sanction that was established yesterday by the Competition Committee.

But Depor's lawyers believes that the squad doesn't need to fulfil the game since they understand that the sanction of the RFEF is only harming the Galician club. In a press conference Depor's president, Augusto C?Šsar  Lendoiro announced the position of the club. For him the RFEF isn't the right instance to handle this case, he affirmed that the Supreme Sporting Council (CSD) has signed an international agreement in 1985 that searches the eradication of the violence in all sports.

According to Lendoiro the violence generated at Mestalla against the referees was the result of the 'violent language' of the Valencia's coach (Quique S??nchez Flores), the president (Juan Soler) and some of the local players. Depor's president says that the international agreement signed by the CSD specifies strong sanctions to the clubs that causes violent acts, as example he explained that the UEFA used this criteria in order to punish AS Roma for a similar problem in the Champions League match against Dinamo Kiev.

What Deportivo is asking to the CSD is to invalidate the RFEF determination of restarting the game since they understand that Valencia should be punished with the lose of the match, the same sanction that AS Roma received in the example presented by Lendoiro. In any case the worst thing is to restart the game since the minute 44th, but it must happen in a neutral stadium.

The petition made by Deportivo hasn't been answered yet by the CSD. A respond is awaited in the following hours or even days, but for the moment the copa eliminatory against Valencia continues to navigate in uncertain waters.

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