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10 Dec 2008
Deportivo is evolving with the pass of the games and one of the players that has progressed the most is Joan Verd??, midfielder that earned a spot in the starting eleven during the Copa first-leg against Elche. Now the Catalan is even dreaming to be part of Spain’s national team.

Without doubt this is the best moment of Joan Verd?? since his arrival at Deportivo for the season 2006/2007. He came from Barcelona B, team that at the time was coached by Guardiola and that was playing with a 4-3-3 formation. He was used to perform as the main support of the lonely playmaker at the squad, similar figure than the one had by Xavi or Iniesta in the present Barcelona.

During his arrival to Depor, Verd?? was forced to advance his position and perform as the playmaker of the formation. To make things more difficult, he didn’t count too much for Caparr??s as he only participated in 27 liga games plus six in Copa, it was a decent number but he only made 10 appearances as starter (1,364 minutes on the season).  Later he played fewer games during the fist period of Lotina at Depor, but he had more minutes (1,512), this because he made 16 appearances as starter.

The Catalan revived this moments during a conversation with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a ?The problem was not to be adapted to a new style of playing, but the lack of continuity. With Caparr??s I didn’t play too often. And Lotina gave me the chance during the firs round of the past season, but the team was not working? he said.

But things changed for the present season, because Verd?? has played in 12 of the 14 games played so far in la liga, and he has been a starter in nine occasions. His best moment started at October and after he only played 29 minutes in the liga games against Numancia and Racing Santander (matchdays 06 and 07), but his situation changed after he made a great job in the first-leg in Copa del Rey against Elche.

Since that match, Lotina has considered Verd?? as the guide of Deportivo in midfield and he has been the starter in the playmaking function within the last six liga encounters, period in which Depor has added five victories and just one defeat. Six games in which the Catalan midfielder has been praised by the media and appointed as one of the reasons for the good moment lived by the Galician team.

?He (Lotina) has always trusted in me, he knew what I could yield, and now things are working out for me and people are seeing me more often. And this fact alongside the coach’s confidence, is matching with our streak of good results.? Was the explanation given by Verd?? for his solid moment during the conversation with La Opini??n.

Despite the good moment, Verd?? appoints that he still has to polish some things ?I must be more selfish and try to shot on target more often, but also be focused in other stuff in order to not repeat what happened to me on the past year, period of time when I made a good half of year just to end without playing. Now I am living my best moment. I believe in my skills, I have the confidence of the coach and things are working out for me? The ex-Barcelona also confessed that Valer??n has been his guide during the last months ?You always have as reference the greatest players, men from whom you have to learn and Valer??n is one of them. He has always helped me a lot and has given me useful advices, things of football like holding on the ball in some specific plays or making the pass in others.?

Finally, the Catalan player talked about the fact he’s ending contract with Depor in June of the next year ?I am really content in A Coru?a and let’s hope there won’t be any difficulty. I will talk at the right moment. I am very happy at La Coru?a and let's hope we won't have any difficulty. For now I don't want to fix any deadline. I prefer to wait for the moment in which things could be clearer. Besides, my parents and my agent will take care of that. I am enjoying a lot and I don’t want to be distracted.?   


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