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11 Dec 2008
Deportivo will reach the Christmas break after disputing 27 official matches throughout the season, that means 9 more games compared to the past campaign. This represents a physical challenge for the players and especially for the coaching staff, because the squad needs freshness in order to keep the chances of achieving important things at the end of the season.

The main responsible of this is Eduardo Dom?­nguez, the physical coach of Deportivo. He talked on Wednesday with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a and analysed the current physical state of the squad â€?We won’t have any problem in a physical sense, but only if the injuries respect us. What's worrying us is the fact of having mental freshness, to see the team will not be tired in May about been competing. That’s what we want: to see the team not suffering.â€?

Dom?­nguez explained the formulas that he is using in order to keep the physical balance at Depor â€?We are taking care of the intake of carbohydrates in the form of pasta, this immediately after each meeting, also the acceleration of the post-match recovery using techniques of active recovery or baths of contrast. Maybe this is one per cent of the total, but all of this is going together with other things and that’s the reason why the team is working. There are certain habits in the trainings, we don’t know yet if they are affecting in an important way or not, but we know that it will contribute to accelerate the recovery process."

Depor’s physical coach is convinced that one of the things helping the squad on this season is the lack of stress, as he explained: �A good work means to see the players feeling better and developing a lot of different stuff than if they would be feeling stressed, like the case of been at the bottom of the table. That’s what affected the squad during the past season, if the sporting situation is good, it makes the player to respond in a better way. Then he can take more risks on the pitch and try other things that in other situation he wouldn’t dear to fulfill.�

Lotina has been criticised because he has made too much rotations at the lineups, but for Dom?­nguez this is a fortress rather to be a weakness â€?Since the beginning the players realised that not only twelve or thirteen players would have to be prepared, the ones you usually use when you have one game per week, but that everybody must be mentally prepared because we would need the contribution of everybody. This wasn’t just words, but it became a reality. It was said we didn’t have a fixed starting lineup, but we knew that in the long-term, this would influence in seeing the team facing each competition with a certain degree of motivation and mental freshness, the same one reacquired to play la liga, the cup and the UEFA.â€?

Despite that things seem to be working out, Dom?­nguez believes that Deportivo still can yield more on the season â€?We are fine, but we can always improve. It’s true I would be satisfied if we are able to keep the pace for the rest of the season, but we will try to yield even more. We can not feel satisfied with this. There are players that still can yield more.â€?


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