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11 Dec 2008
Efr?n has been considered as one of the most promising strikers at the youth system of Deportivo, he shined at Juvenil A and just when he was making the transition to Fabril, he suffered a serious injury that blocked his progress. Now, two years later, he’s coming back at Nar??n, club where he was loaned for the present season.

It has been usual on these days to see Deportivo having promising attackers at its young teams, the cases of Juancar and Joshua at Juvenil A or the ones of Hugo Garc?a, Chirri or the same Lassad Nouioui at Fabril are the main examples. But there’s one youngster that got trapped in the middle: Efr?n Rodr?guez Gallego (born on August 12th 1988).

He shined at Juvenil A three years ago and just when he was making the transition to Deportivo B, he broke his leg (tibia) during a game between Sporting Gij??n B and Fabril. Efr?n is reminded by the fans because early on that season (2005/2006), the Pontedeume-born striker performed with Fabril during the Juan Acu?a trophy and scored the single goal of the team against Deportivo’s first squad.

On the past week, Efr?n gave an interview to Depor Sport and reminded the suffering of those days ?Two years have passed since I broke my tibia, it was hard for me because it meant the rupture of my progression at the team. I have played the Juan Acu?a on that season and I have scored the goal against the first squad.?  The young attacker was also reminding all the hard work in order to surpass the problem ?If before the injury I was training hard, later and after all I went through, I had to work double-time, spending six hours at the gym daily, and that during the whole summer.?

And his effort was worthy, for the past season he returned and the club decided to send him on loan to Ciudad de Santiago, club that was at Tercera and that ended promoted to Segunda B (they will face Fabril on this weekend). Despite the good moment of the squad, Efr?n barely played, this because he was not totally fit to play. But all has radically changed for the present season, once again the 20-year-old attacker was loaned, but this time to Nar??n, another club at Tercera Divisi??n. And things couldn’t be better, because Efr?n has scored six goals within the last eight matches, including one on Sunday that gave the victory against the leader of the group, Monta?eros.

 However, his future at Depor is uncertain, because Efr?n ends his contract with the club in June of the next year. Deportivo could be tempted to negotiate a renewal, this due the performance of the young attacker on the season. But for the moment he doesn’t want to think about a possible return, as he said to Depor Sport ?It isn’t an important goal for me, because on June 30 I finalize my contract with Deportivo? he said.

The situation of Efr?n is just the opposite case to Javi Redondo, midfielder loaned to the same squad of Nar??n and that suffered a serious knee injury back in October, problem that will sideline him until May of the next year. This is the second knee injury suffered by Redondo during his career, the previous one occurred on the past year when he was loaned at Monta?eros. There is no relation between the two injuries, because the first one occurred on his left knee, while this one occurred on the right.


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