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18 Dec 2008
Everybody was happy with the qualification, but also all the players were admitting that this was a tough game. Lotina admitted that some of his players are already exhausted while nobody wanted to talk about a favourite rival for the round of 32.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina was assuring that his team suffered a lot in order to achieve the victory, ?It was a tough game. Nancy is a very good team, for me much better than the Poles, though the last ones have goal and the French team doesn’t. They complicated our life. You need to be a solid team in order to win in UEFA, to play good football… to be a very good team. We still need to improve, we are working in order to be that team.?

Asked about whom he will like to meet in the round of 32, the Basque responded: ?Right now, I see that there are several teams in UEFA that are better than us, but the round starts until February and I hope that at that time, I won’t be saying this again. Who wins the UEFA is usually a solid team, someone that plays pretty and good football. We still have a margin in order to improve.?

Finally, Lotina talked about his players and the tireness at this moment of the season ?Valer??n made his best match of the season. Each day he’s better. Besides, Bodipo is returning and Omar is bringing some stuff, which is important. There are some people that are screaming for vacations, like Guardado, Lopo or Filipe. We have punished them a lot. We are abusing of them with so many minutes. However we won’t sign anybody during the winter window, at least at the beginning. We will continue with the idea of putting Laure and Manuel Pablo on the left if Filipe gets injured.?

Antonio Tom??s was admitting that Depor suffered a lot in the game, ?It was hard for us but we are pretty content because we have made a good work and we have achieved the pass, that’s what we wanted.? The Cantabrian midfielder also confessed that the players got noticed about the score at Feyenoord until half-time, finally he doesn’t have any favourite rival for the next round, ?Any of the eight possible rivals are tough? he said.

Diego Colotto was having the same feeling about the difficulty of the game ?It was a tied match, complicated, but we knew the Poles were winning and that we also needed the victory. We didn’t have too many occasions though we have more chances after the first goal, but everything has been really tied. In the end, we won without depending of other results? he also said that the players don’t have any favourite rival for the round of 32, ?anybody will be welcomed.?

Omar Bravo, one of the best men on the pitch, was feeling satisfied for his performance in the match ?It’s pretty to be playing in Europe. I am content for been part of the team. This time it was the turn of Bodipo and I congratulate him for his goal.?

The hero of the game was Rodolfo Bodipo as he scored the goal for the qualification, the Guinean forward was expressing his happiness for the achievement ?It was about time, it was a matter of time, and fortunately it was a pretty goal and very important in order to advance to the next round.  I dedicate it to all my partners, they have supported me a lot during this year.?

Later he was expressing his best wished for the new year, ?It was a complicate year for me, but with will and hope everything can be achieved. Let’s see if I have continuity now, I am hopeful. It was hard in a physical sense, but when you go out, you need to get noticed. It’s good to still playing in Europe. Besides, it’s good for us because the less habitual players will have more chances of having minutes.

Augusto C?sar Lendoiro was very happy with the achievement made by his team ?Today, we have deserved to pass the eliminatory. The Poles were winning in The Netherlands, and Nancy was showing the good team they are. In the end we achieved the pass and now it’s time to enjoy the moment.?

Pablo Correa, the coach of Nancy, was feeling sorry for the occasions missed by his tam ?Maybe if would have had Valer??n at our squad, we will be talking in a different way right now. We had the occasions, when you play away from home, you don’t usually enjoy of too many chances, but today we didn’t seize the opportunities. What we can’t do is to forgive so many chances, because in the end you end paying the prize.?




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