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19 Jan 2009
Daniel Aranzubia talked on Monday with Sportpaper AS, he analysed the action of the penalty that meant the fifth goal of Barcelona and his expulsion. The Basque said he couldn’t avoid the contact and also commented about the situation of Deportivo. Ahead of the game at Real Madrid, the ex-Athletic Bilbao keeper is convinced that Fabricio is ready to make a good job on this challenge.

On Monday Dani Aranzubia talked with Sportpaper AS, he analysed the play of the penalty and said that the referee could have only showed a yellow card to him, �The ref should have been more flexible on this. With the game already decided, a lot of yellow cards are shown in this kind of plays, but he quickly showed the red. It was a shame.�

Despite this, he didn’t want to blame referee Rodr?­guez Santiago, but he appointed that he couldn’t avoid the action that ended with the penalty over Puyol, â€?I left the game with a bad taste of mouth, because I couldn’t avoid to commit a penalty, the game was already decided. What happens is that I couldn’t avoid the play. It was too quick, the player was already in front of me, he was coming for me and was over me… what I won’t ever do is to go out of the way. It’s the second time in my career that I am sent off, and the true is that I feel a weird sensation. It was already painful due the big score and later this occurred to me.â€?

Later the ex-Athletic keeper analysed the situation that Deportivo faces when it allows a goal, â€?Sometimes, they score a goal against us and after that, we take the defeat for granted. The general line on this season is good, but we must admit the big differences with the top teams. Nobody likes to suffer a big score, but to fall down like this at the Camp Nou seems logic. Anyway I think we weren’t strong enough during the first half. In this liga, when we lose, we do it with a big score. It’s hard for us to achieve a comeback and we go down easily. No matter what, to lose with Sevilla and Barca isn’t a catastrophe. We are living a streak that everybody has lived before.â€? 

Finally, Aranzubia said that he’s convinced that Fabricio will make a great job replacing him against Real Madrid at the Bernab?©u stadium, â€?Fabricio is a magnificent goalkeeper and people should be calmed with him. He’s a working keeper and is capable of making a nice job. It will be good for him to play in games like this one.â€? 



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