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20 Jan 2009
The statistics at the end of the first round are showing that Deportivo is a team that lacks intensity in some of the games, the needed forcefulness that sometimes is very helpful to achieve positive results. In the rest of stats, the squad is presenting a normal situation.

Deportivo is ending the first round as the team that has committed the less number of fouls at Primera Divisi??n. (248 against 372 of Sporting Gij??n that was first on the list). This fact demonstrates that the squad has some kind of discipline, but at the same time it’s a disadvantage because sometimes the fouls are necessary to stop the impulse of the rivals. It’s the needed strength that sometimes helps to achieve positive results.

In an individual sense, Lopo and Mista are the only players at the squad that have committed more than 20 fouls so far. The Catalan has 27, while the striker 22. They can be considered as the ?tougher’ players at the team. But their numbers are very far from other players like Athletic Fernando Llorente who already committed 67 fouls. After Lopo and Mista, the Depor’s players with more fouls committed are Z? Castro (19), Juan Rodr?guez (18) and ?ngel Lafita (17)

The situation was already perceived by Lotina, as he said after the big defeat with Barcelona: "We have showed too much respect, and football is not chess, you need to have contact with the rival, though without violence. I told the players at half-time I wouldn’t be surprised if the rival was going to invite us to dinner after the game. We only made a few good things, we were too soft.?

No matter the low number of fouls, Depor is the eighth team with more expulsions on this liga season (4), while is 14th in terms of yellow cards shown to the players (49). This whole situation could explain why Depor has suffered so many big defeats on the season, and it’s that Depor has already suffered five big setbacks in la liga, matches in which the squad has allowed at least three goals: 0-3 Vs Sporting, 2-4 at Valencia, 1-4 at Atletico Madrid, 0-3 at Valladolid, 1-3 vs. Sevilla and 0-5 at Barcelona.

Another statistic that demonstrates this problem is the difficulties faced by the players when they are trying to get back the ball, and it’s that Lotina’s Deportivo has just made 951 recoveries in the first 19 matches of la liga, that’s the third worst mark at Primera Divisi??n only surpassed by Villarreal (947) and Athletic Bilbao (932). Curiously, the 14% of those recoveries were made by Albert Lopo (136), player that’s the 13th best man on this department in la liga.

In the rest of statistics, the Galician squad is having an acceptable performance. Depor is the sixth team that loses fewer times the ball in la liga games (1,391 occasions), while it’s eleventh in terms of shots (236, 12.4 per match) and twelfth about shots on target (85, 4.47 per game). In terms of fulfilled passes, the team has completed 5,286 (278 per match), mark that’s the twelfth at Primera Divisi??n. About crosses to the area, Depor has completed 562 attempts (29.6 per game), mark that’s the 7th best in la liga. The curiosity is that Deportivo is the third team that has hit the post in more occasions (8), stat only surpassed by Barcelona (15) and Real Madrid (9).



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