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21 Jan 2009
The casualties of Aranzubia and Guardado for the upcoming game against Real Madrid are now a headache for Lotina, he still hasn’t decided who will be the starting keeper or what scheme should be implemented in the game. However the Basque is confident about achieving a positive result.

Deportivo is halfway to end the most complicate moment of the calendar in liga, after the setbacks with Sevilla and Barcelona, now it’s time to face Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernab?©u stadium. Right now the main preoccupations for coach Miguel Angel Lotina are the casualties of Dani Aranzubia and Andr?©s Guardado, the keeper is suspended after been sent off against Barcelona while the left winger is out for a month due to a stress fracture.

The first inquire to be solved is who will be the goalkeeper, it should be expected that Fabricio will have a chance, but Lotina still doubtful due the poor performance of the Canarian in Copa and especially with his contract problems with the club –he hasn’t signed the renewal yet- reason why a door has been opened to Gustavo Mun??a. The Uruguayan has been training with the squad, but without entering into the plans of the coach, he has more experience than young Fabricio, however his problem is the lack of participation since he hasn’t played an official game since one year ago (the last one was on January 6th 2008 in a 0-3 defeat Vs Atletico Madrid).

On Tuesday, Lotina talked with journalists and expressed his thoughts regarding this matter, "My idea is to travel with Mun??a and Fabricio. I want to see them on tomorrow and Thursday's training, I have an idea, but I want to analyse the situation with tranquility. We all know that Fabricio has a problem with the renewal of his contract. I want to know what he feels and what he thinks. I will also talk with Mun??a, I need to know how he is."

The second problem is the most serious one for Lotina: the absence of Andr?©s Guardado. The ex-Real Sociedad coach still has to decide if he will simply replace the Mexican on the formation or if he will change the entire system, as he confessed at Abegondo: â€?This is the subject that’s worrying me the most, let’s see if we are able to recuperate him for the final part of la liga. We can have of everything, but my idea is to not put Juan Rodr?­guez in the place of Guardado at the wing, especially in a pitch such as the Bernab?©u. We need football and Juan can give us other things, but now on the wing.â€?

According to some papers like La Opini??n A Coru?±a, one of the ideas of Lotina is to play with three pivotes and two strikers, something that would mean to play with Juan Rodr?­guez, De Guzman and Sergio at the same time, plus the presence of Riki and Bodipo up front. The final decision should be taken between today and Friday, because on Wednesday the coach didn’t test any special formation during the training session.

Despite all the problems, Lotina is confident about achieving a positive result at the Bernab?©u, as he said to the reporters, â€?In Madrid we will also need to do the right things, but the standings and the game indicates that this year they (Real Madrid) are having more problems. They have changed the coach and that was because there are doubts. To gain points in this pitch is less complicated than to do it at the Cam Nou. To commit errors is a thing of humans, to do it twice of fools.â€?



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