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22 Jan 2009
The goal at Deportivo is an exclusive property of Dani Aranzubia, but his absence at the Bernab?u due to suspension is opening a debate inside the club about who should replace him against Real Madrid. So far it seems the Uruguayan is taking a step forward in this race.

Coach Miguel ?ngel Lotina already assured that Fabricio Agosto and Gustavo Mun??a will be the two goalkeepers called for the game against Real Madrid, but at the same time the Basque manager has not yet decided who will be the starting choice at the Santiago Bernab?u stadium. 

The situation has opened a debate inside the club, because there are doubts about the conditions of both keepers. Fabricio has played four Copa matches plus the two games in Intertoto during this season, and his performance in the second-leg for Copa Del Rey against Sevilla was disappointing, something already admitted by the same Lotina.

Mun??a also brings doubts, he possess more experience, but the fact is that the Uruguayan hasn’t played a game since January 6th 2008 (0-3 defeat Vs Atletico Madrid). Besides, some fans don’t see with good eyes his presence in an official game after the fight with Dudu Aouate, conflict the menaced the stability inside the squad during the most complicate moment of the past season.

For the moment, Lotina seems to prefer Mun??a for the starting role at the Bernab?u, this after the Uruguayan was the selected option during Thursday’s session behind closed door at the Riazor. Before the training, Mun??a talked with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?a about this new opportunity, ?I am very content because everybody wants to help and bring our grand of sand. We all want to play and we need to wait for the coach’s decision. Inside the pitch is the place where we defend our role as a football player, there’s were the lies end.?

Meanwhile, ex-Depor Dani Mallo, who has just signed with Falkirk in Scotland, defended the role of Fabricio at the squad, as he said to newspaper Xornal de Galicia, ?Fabricio has played all the Copa matches and has showed his value, but the coach is who decides and assumes all the responsibilities. I came from the B squad too and I know what happens there, but Lotina is who decides. I also know Mun??a, he is a great goalkeeper. I don’t want to discuss about this matter. But from the outside and as an ex-member of Fabril, I believe that if Fabricio is fine, why don’t continue with him??



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