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23 Jan 2009
For the moment Valer??n, Antonio Tom??s and Mun??a are the main novelties for the game at the Bernab?©u, Lotina could even complete one more modification compared to the squad that was crushed at the Cam Nou, including the change in the system.

Deportivo trained on Friday at Abegondo, the players just fulfilled a series of physical exercises while the three keepers (Mun??a, Fabricio and Aranzubia) worked apart. Therefore coach Lotina didn’t test any formation for the clash against Real Madrid. This means the doubts remain about the lineup that will be used at the Bernab?©u stadium.

Doubts that will be solved on Saturday’s morning as Lotina will provide the list of called players for the match, something that will occur just a couple of hours before the trip to Madrid. What’s clear is that the Basque manager will make changes at the starting squad, at least two of them are forced modifications since goalkeeper Dani Aranzubia is suspended and winger Andr?©s Guardado injured.

The spot at the goal was supposed to be for Fabricio, but in the last hours it has been speculated that a conflict with his agent due the duration of the contract could pull the Canarian out of the list for the game, if the situation is finally confirmed on Saturday, it will mean that Gustavo Mun??a will be the starting choice at the Bernab?©u, while the second keeper would be Fabril’s Alberto.

Meanwhile, the absence of Guardado will be covered with Juan Carlos Valer??n, El Flaco hasn’t been a starter in liga since three years ago and seems to be one of Lotina’s weapons in his new strategy, plan that means to switch the scheme from a 4-2-3-1 into a 4-3-2-1. The modification consists in playing with three pivotes and two playmakers, in other words to perform without a real winger.

According to what Lotina tested on Wednesday, two additional changes are occurring at the starting squad: the entry of Antonio Tom??s and Angel Lafita for Sergio and Cristian, changes that are just completing the 4-3-2-1 figure. The introduction of Antonio Tom??s was already confirmed by the Basque coach during an interview at Radio Onda Cero.

In the meantime, Albert Lopo talked with reporters after Friday’s training, he was saying that Depor must face the game without judging the current problems of Real Madrid, "We already know what failed against Barca and now it's time to face Real Madrid. Those are two of the biggest teams in Spain and now we want to obtain a positive result. We will be wrong if we despise Real Madrid, they are fine no matter the problems, that the reason why they are up there."

Later the Catalan central defender said the team is already recovered from the blow against Barcelona and warned about the presence of Robben, �The squad has already raised the head after the hit at Barcelona. If we do the right thing we can lose, but it should be because they were superior and not because we gave the same facilities than against Barcelona. Barca has great players and we didn’t stop them as we should. Now we have learned the lesson and know what we must do. We must have aids against people like Robben and try to stop him.�

Finally, Lopo talked about what Depor must do at the Bernab?©u, â€?If we go out well and do the things as we should, we can complicate their life and besides, people might turn against them. They must see we are putting pressure since the first minute. If the coach uses the squad that he tested yesterday (Wednesday), it will be a proof that Deportivo is going out for the game. People in midfield have a lot of quality and we will see it at the Bernab?©u.â€?



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