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23 Jan 2009
All appoints that young midfielder Antonio Tom??s will be a starter at the Bernab?©u stadium, it’s a great challenge for a player that on this season has performed more in Europe than in La Liga. Now the ex-Racing is asking for a better attitude in order to obtain a positive result against Real Madrid.

Antonio Tom??s has just completed 348 minutes in the first round of la liga, that’s a lesser number compared to the minutes accumulated in European competitions (357). Actually, the Cantabrian midfielder isn’t a starter in liga since matchday 13 when Deportivo defeated UD Almeria (1-0). Now Lotina is planning to use him as one of the novelties for the upcoming visit to Real Madrid.

But it won’t be a new thing for Antonio Tom??s, because he already played at the Bernab?©u when he was playing at Racing Santander, it was December of 2005 and his team achieved a victory there with a 1-2 score. Besides to him, only four players at Depor’s current squad know what is to achieve the three points at the Bernab?©u stadium: Manuel Pablo, Sergio, Valer??n and Daniel Aranzubia (with Athletic Bilbao).

The Cantabrian talked with newspaper La Opini??n A Coru?±a and mentioned the things that Depor must do in order to obtain a positive result in Madrid, â€?To put a lot of pressure, to be strong at the back and seize the opportunities. (Real) Madrid has skilful players, men that possess a lot of quality, and we can’t allow them to enjoy of opportunities. That’s one of the keys, later you never know what can happen.â€?

Tom??s also confessed that he still doesn’t know if he is going to be a starter in the game (though Lotina confirmed it in an interview in Radio Onda Cero), �The coach has tested some things, but we still don’t know who is going to play. We all are a little excited, but we must stay calmed. For the moment the coach has insisted that we should be together and pressuring very well, that’s the most important thing.�

Finally, the ex-Racing midfielder analysed the chances of Deportivo on this game, â€?A lot of high expectations were created because we were and are having a solid season. Right now we are facing tough games, against teams that are fighting for la liga or the Champions League, and we must face them in the best possible way. The defeat at the Camp Nou was just a bad day, and that’s it. Neither can we think a lot about it. Now, it’s time for the Bernab?©u, we must have the right attitude and to be strong, because if not, any rival will put the things difficult to us. At the first sight, Madrid seems easier than Barcelona, both are great teams, with great players. We just need to try to do the right things and see what happens.â€?



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